Yoga pants and short shorts – The peak of degeneracy

I find Yoga pants and short shorts (when worn out of context) really degrading for women and young girls.
Such outfits are inappropriate and are a very trashy way to get dressed and go in public.

Out of context (say in a professional office setting, in a church, etc.) I perceive girls that dress like that as those who are just trying to be visually provocative, and are asking for attention and validation through their body.

It is one thing to dress “comfortably”, it is another thing to know deep inside that what you wear is “sexy” and gets the heads turning all towards your goods.

How did women dress “comfortably” before the invention of such outfits?

It is sad that these days, a girl causes a man to look at her ass or boobs rather than at her face, her character and personality.

A quote from Proverbs 6:25

Do not lust in your heart after her beauty or let her captivate you with her eyes.

Here’s something for a laugh:

Here’s another video about the matter:

Here’s a nice video about modesty:

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2 Replies to “Yoga pants and short shorts – The peak of degeneracy”

  1. I enjoy looking at a nice woman’s rear if I’m bored and need inspiration, but they lie about the distraction it causes men (who are NOT ‘equal’ to women in their reaction, as they have 10x the testosterone, which is known to be a major modifier of behaviour due to being a hormone). They want to have their cake (their power) and eat it (not take responsibility). Then they blame rapists who don’t even exist (the #metoo movement lies that a hand on a knee is ‘abuse’, when the ‘victim’ wasn’t bothered by it and the ‘perpetrator’ apologised – and in a culture where SOMEONE has to take the lead in seduction as British people are so desperately repressed without a culture of good healthy dialogue between the sexes).
    It’s never the female’s responsibility to both handle with honour (ethically) her feminine power – AND enjoy its privileges. Just the privileges, which are then pretended not to exist so that the ‘equality’ myth can be perpetrated by harmful lie-pedlars. Whose brains are so child-like, that they cannot foresee the harm they will and have caused in society. Or just don’t care, because ‘daddy’ (or abstract ‘someone else’) will clean up their mess.
    Good luck with that, Western Society. You need to take your women in hand and tell them the truth, and the first truth you need to tell them is that lying to someone is bad for them in the end. Protecting someone is not ‘equal’ if they do not protect the other (sex) by taking responsibility for their own actions wherever possible.
    Which they don’t. It’s a scam on men, to destroy society from the inside out. It’s working.
    Resistance would take the form of telling the truth, and first of all generating respect for the truth. Which society cannot do whilst insisting upon protecting women from the consequences of their own cowardly lies.
    This does not produce strong women, but weak ones. Freedom equals responsibility, THAT is the only ‘equality’ equation that matters. Let people have their freedom! Let them learn what that means and always will mean. There’s no politics in truth, so we can unite around it instead of being divided by lies.
    Stupidity won’t see the importance of this single factor and single point of unity. Too busy lusting after power. Good luck, your methods are not time-tested, whilst many traditional social rules on gender simply are. For thousands or tens of thousands of years. Feminism has a handful of decades of history, in which it hasn’t proven itself useful for anything except profiting from technological advances that mean women no longer die in childbirth any more and contraception removing their womb-slavery. Look what they’ve done with the resulting freedom. Time to grow up, girls, your decades-old teething problems have to end NOW.

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