So, what is this blog about?

lallouslab-identity-crisisFor years, I was plagued by the question that others and myself keep asking: “So, what is this blog about?”

I pause, think, think and think more.

In fact, there is no one category that I write about.

I actually thought of creating various individual blog websites, each dedicated to a different category…but instead, I decided to keep growing this multi-purpose blog.

In this blog, I write about many things that peak my interest.

I know, I know, this blog feels that it could be facing an identity crisis, but I assure you it is not no longer the case!

As of 2016, this blog is ten years in the making. Over its lifetime, it hosted more than 240 posts and has amassed half a million views and 250 thousand unique visitors. All of which grew organically.

I do not get paid to write any of the articles, or advertise any of the material in this blog. I write because it is one of my hobbies.

This blog incurs web hosting and domain name rental costs. Therefore, I encourage you to donate some money whenever a free software utility, a helpful tip, or an inspirational story helped you in one way or another. Think of donation as your way of saying thank you and buying me a cup of coffee!

I would love to grow my users base and therefore, please leave comments and engage with me.
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Let me tell you briefly what took place during those ten years and counting:

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Because I have interest in various topics, I recently came up with the idea of associating each day of the week with a theme that captures a bunch of categories on my blog.

So far, I have decided on the following themes and their corresponding days:

  • Sunday’s theme is called “Spiritual Sunday”. During this day, I share with you reflections, rants, stories and other things that inspire your humanistic side.
  • Monday’s theme is called “Tech Monday“. On Monday, since it is the first day of the work week and because I am a computer programmer by profession, I decided to share with you technical topics during that day.
  • Tuesday’s theme is called “Passe-partout Tuesday”. Unlike Saturday’s theme, which has some restrictions, Tuesday can literally host any kind of article.
  • Wednesday’s theme is called “Curious Wednesday“. During that day I share peculiar stuff. It could be a piece of news, a gadget review, a short movie, a discovery, an experience I had, etc.
  • Thursday’s theme is called “Esoteric Thursday”. In this day, anything: mystical, philosophical, psychological, new age, etc. goes. If you love such topics, come back each Thursday. Knock and it shall be open!
  • Friday’s theme is called “Cool Friday“. In that day I share entertainment, cool stuff and anything that is easy to digest that will most likely lighten your heart and get you ready for the weekend.
  • Saturday’s theme is called “Expressive Saturday”. This is a free spirited day. Anything comes in that day, from reflections, rants to sharing personal experiences and stories.

If there is a topic that interest you, then come back each week during the day of the week for your favorite articles! Make sure to connect with me and leave me your thoughts. I love to get to know you.

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