Dreaming of a white bird

The other night, I had a dream and it went something like this:
white bird

I was walking on a journey. I am not sure where I was going, but I was not alone and I did not recognize any of the people that I was journeying with.
While walking that path, I see a white bird land into my hand out of no where. I don’t know a lot about bird the various species but I know for sure that it was not a pigeon but could very well be a young/small dove or just a white bird.

What struck me about it is its bright snow white color. I was happy with the bird’s visit and I was also surprised because it is a rare occurrence to see a bird befriend a human being immediately.

The bird was so affectionate and it starting bunting me (rubbing its head on my neck) and this triggered the emotion of love within me. It was the first time I felt so much love in a dream.

I immediately bonded with and started loving that bird. I then cupped it in my hands, wanting to protect it, and then brought it closer to my heart to express all the love I received from it, and then let the bird fly away. The bird then flew out of my hands and I continued the journey.

A short while after, the bird reappeared I felt that the bird came back in a rush because it was distressed and seeking help. I extended my hand and it landed on my palm again. It continued the journey with me for a while and then it flew once more.

Later, I missed the bird and I called it by extending my arm and making the intention that it comes back to me. The bird heeded my call and appeared out of nowhere, only to land on my hand again. It stayed for a while with me and flew away again for third time. I felt that each time it flies away, it has a business to attend to but I don’t know what it is.

During its absence, I started to feel worried about its safety. Because the bird is free to come and go, I started questioning “what if it flies away and never returns back?”, “what if I miss it and need its love and attention and it won’t be here anymore?”, “what if it gets lost?”, “what if someone else captures it?”, etc. I then started thinking that I should put it in a cage (for its own protection so it does not get lost or attacked by a prey) the next time it comes back.

I may have awakened from the dream before it came back or it never came back, I don’t remember. However, what I remember clearly was that it may have never returned because I started to have doubt and I wanted to put it in a cage.

My interpretation of the dream

I had this dream a day or two after I was contacted by a prospective new employer, asking me if I am interesting in joining their ranks. It could very well be a sign for me to help me decide or give me a hint regarding that encounter. It could also be just a nice dream that teaches me other things.

The first immediate thing that I loved about this dream is the shiny white bird and the enormous amount of love it shared with and awakened in me. Today, if you ask me to recall an instance where I felt so much love, I could close my eyes and remember that bird.

The second thing that I could understand from this dream is that this beautiful bird came to me out of nowhere, like a nice and unexpected gift. It brought with it lots of nice emotions. Among all the travelers it picked me. The bird was free and I was not controlling it. For all I could learn from this dream was that I should be appreciative for things that the universe gave me and to avoid being controlling. As long as I trusted that the bird would come back, it came back. The moment I started doubting and wanting to control the bird, the bird left and never came back.

There is also the 3 visitations by the bird, which perhaps allude to the 3 chances I got. I could also relate to the number 3 as three stages. The first stage is that of surprise, a stage of child-like innocence. The second stage was that of the protective mother that awakened in me the protective instinct. The third stage was that of a grown up man who lives life with doubt, fear and lack of trust.

I could see how human beings go through these three stages in life. They are born innocent and childlike, slowly they start to become careful and protective (of their own egos perhaps), and then the ego becomes the driving force where it doubts and tries to control.


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