The 2017 World Predictions – Between reality and illusion, between today and tomorrow

Last year, out of curiosity, I decided to translate the predictions of Michel Hayek for the year of 2016. The article proved to be popular so I decided to do a preliminary translation of the 2017 predictions.


  1. I am not a professional translator and I do this as a hobby.
  2. I do not claim the accuracy of the translation below.
  3. I did not translate everything. I skipped many things including predictions of events that are very local to the Arab region and Lebanon.
  4. Please watch the original video with the help of an interpreter if you want to know about all of his predictions.

As Michel Hayek said in his interview, the title of his predictions for the year of 2017 is:

Between reality and illusion, between today and tomorrow

Let’s get started!

More predictions:



  • A financial and commercial disturbance will take place
  • There will be a big blow concerning the German aviation industry or airlines
  • The riot police will be called to calm down riots taking place in various German streets


  • The Italian soccer teams will be in the front page of newspapers
  • There will be 3 or more scandals in various departments which will cause the people to protest


  • China will be the first country to receive an extra-terrestrial shock
  • China will use unusual methods to intimidate, defend itself and attack hostile forces


  • Lots of hostages will be taken in airports in various countries. Putin will be somehow involved in this and he will lose face
  • The Russian empire will receive a shock when it starts to engage in/with the Arab world


  • In Britain, various royal, historical, cultural and popular spots will be in danger
  • A mysterious disturbance will take place in the Edgware Road street in London
  • The minister of foreign affairs will be blocked ferociously because of some of his hard decisions
  • Julian Assange‘s case is approaching its end


  • The flag of ISIS will leave the world of the taboo to become a new fashion in various countries in the world
  • A terror attack will happen on a big commercial cruise ship
  • A terror attack like the one of Al Mabhouh in Dubai will take place again
  • There will be big news from the ISIS’ own media and news center
  • A new terror attack involving two planes colliding against each other, and a plane crashing on the airport
  • Terror attacks will focus on the famous fashion and perfume parlors
  • There is a big fear concerning the famous towers in U.A.E / Dubai

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  • New York times and its buildings will experience some inconveniences
  • Health and security monitoring will be requested for Oprah Winfrey
  • In a very clear and sudden message, president Trump will give a very hard speech against Russia, as if the two did not have a prior positive relationship
  • Hillary Clinton will be heard talking about aliens, their planets and their relationship with the Earth
  • US officials will ask the their people if they are ready / willing to communicate with aliens living in outer planets
  • President Trump appears to attract bad luck, have interest in metaphysics and in the ancient Egyptian culture (the pharaohs)
  • There will be lots of questions regarding whether Freemasonry had a big role in helping Trump become president
  • There will be plots and conspiracies to topple the vice president Mike Pence. His life or role may be in danger
  • There will be some uncivilized scenes in some of the American streets
  • The Kardashian family will go through a series of mishaps
  • Mia Khalifa will have a rough road towards some fame again
  • The world will be occupied anew with a story that sheds new light upon the fate of Osama Bin Laden
  • The siblings of president Trump will not be safe
  • The Hillary Clinton investigation is not over yet. One of the intelligence agencies will be involved, namely the CIA or the FBI
  • The world will be busy with Stephen Hawking and what he will be alluding to


  • The whole world’s attention is towards the last document the Khamenei wrote
  • Iran welcomes a new general with a very terrific and scary aura
  • Millions of dollars deals between Iran and the USA to exchange prisoners and spies
  • The Iranian / American nuclear file will be re-opened and revised in a very absurd and unreasonable way

Around the world

  • The North Korean president will become occupied with himself instead of having the world get occupied by him
  • The president of the Philippines will be stopped by other world leaders after he takes uninformed decisions
  • The people of Venezuela will revolt and explode like a volcano
  • The Malaysian airlines is still jinxed and not safe from future mishaps
  • In Japan, out of nowhere, lots of social norms will be disrupted
  • Valentine’s day will have a new theme other than the lovers theme
  • Turkey will go through a big financial and commercial turbulence
  • The charisma of the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, might cause him troubles
  • The interception of a sinister nuclear attack attempt
  • Qatar will stand strong against natural and human security calamities
  • Benjamin Netanyahu will be in a tough spot in the government and his family circle
  • The president of the state of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, might be betrayed from the inside
  • A prominent Christian figure will play a big role in the new Syria
  • A vacuum left in a political seat in Syria will cause a stir in the Arab League
  • The Gaddafi family might come to the front again in Libya
  • The green Tunisia might have to face the wrath of mother nature
  • The Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is surrounded by doctors either to perform a surgery or to help him recover from a surgery
  • The world is concerned about the health of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and his family in Bahrain
  • The people of the world will be surprised when they hear the news of the death of a famous figure, and they will be surprised again when that figure resurrects from death
  • There will be various shakeups in the Kuwaiti ruling members including the royal members
  • Israel is waiting the right time to take revenge from Lebanon and attack it, but that won’t be necessarily successful
  • While the world is busy with financial struggles, main stream media propaganda and modern warfare (using weaponry), the Pope in Rome is busy fighting a war of a different kind:
    • The enemy is not a country rather devils and demons
    • I see the Pope fighting a ferocious war against demons armed with all sort of evil
    • As it stands and the way I see it, the Pope is doing well in this battle and he will have to choose between two paths:
      • The path of Pope Benedict
      • Or to keep fighting a bloody spiritual war

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