Good bye 2017, Hello 2018

Hello Readers,

The year of 2017 was mainly a transitional year where I moved from Washington State to California and started a new job, life and social circle. On a personal level, it was a positive year with little to no things to complain about and a lot to be grateful for. This year also taught me the importance of humility and appreciating the simple things in life.

  • Personal
    • I had my first road trip ever. It was over 3 nights and 4 days from Washingt
      on to South California on the US 101 highway
    • I travelled to Busan / South Korea
    • I learned iOS reverse engineering and Objective-C
    • I played Starcraft and Starcraft 2 campaigns for the first time ever. It was fun!
    • I attended BlizzCon 2017, in Anaheim South California for the first time ever. It was a blast!
    • I interviewed for Amazon, VMWare, Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment. I got to visit their respective offices / campuses
    • I visited LA and San Diego for the first time
    • I became an uncle
    • I met Adam Feuer
  • Publication
  • Blog
    • I published ~107 blog posts
    • I had ~186,806 visitors (an increase of ~24.61% from last year)
  • Work
    • I joined Blizzard Entertainment
    • My team at work and I celebrated the launching of the StarCraft remastered in Busan, South Korea
    • I learned lots of new game protection and anti cheating techniques
    • Developed lots of anti-anti-debugging techniques
    • I became fairly competent with the Git source control system and learned/applied C++11 and C++14 new features
    • I released the Ganxo API hooking library

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