The “happy” couples in a modern Western society

I found those cute puppets in a souvenir shop. They reminded me of couples in society.

Let’s talk about couples in modern Western societies. Let’s say here in the USA.

A man meets a girl. The girl plays hard to get. The man tries to woo and impress her. He has to play the clown and make her laugh. He has to be muscular and strong to protect her. He has to be smart and have a fancy car and lots of money in the bank. After all a man is as good as an ATM machine and how much he can provide for her. If he’s not happy about doing all of that, then there are plenty of men that are willing oblige.

After a while, they start dating while she’s also dating 4 other guys on the side. She eventually “falls in love” with him and drops the other orbiters. They start doing more couples activities. Eventually, the man looses his hobbies and interests in favor of hers. By and by the man becomes just a shell of his former self. “A relationship requires” time”, that’s what we have been programmed to believe. A man should cater to his woman’s every need. After all, she chose him. She could have chosen other willing participants that will get her all the thing she wants.

The man has to spend a lot of money, buy gifts and keep her happy lest she instantiates her relationships with her former boyfriends or the orbiters that she kept on the side.

Some time passes by and she starts pressing him for marriage. Eventually she will give him the ultimatum. He caves in and proposes to her. He must then buy her an expensive diamond ring. Preferably, that ring should be 3 times his salary. She is ecstatic with the ring. She now literally has the man wrapped around her fingers. She goes to her girlfriends and shows off the diamond ring: “Look! My ring is bigger than yours.”

They get married. Now she wants a new car. She wants a bigger house. She wants more of everything. Eventually nothing really satisfies her. The man is working extra hours to provide and she keeps whining: “I don’t see you any more! You’re not spending enough time with me”. She forgets to realize that he’s working his ass off to buy her the materialistic things that keep her “happy”. At least that’s what TV and movies have programmed the other sex to “need” and ask for.

She eventually feels neglected by her husband. She is no longer satisfied in bed. After all, she has been dating so many men and sleeping with them on first dates and what not. Oh yeah, hookup culture is the new norm; this is the West after all. There are far and between conservative girls left. After all, why would a man care about a woman’s past? The past is the past. It does not matter if she slept with at least one guy per month during her college years. Everyone makes jokes of how college girls eventually sleep with the whole the soccer team.

She starts cheating on him. She files for divorce and takes away his home and half his assets. After all, she deserves it all. She gave her young years to him and she is “entitled” to half of his hard earned assets. If they had kids, the court system will favor her because she’s a woman, and she will get custody of the kids. He has to keep paying child support and pay her alimony. She is now free from her “abusive” and “neglecting” husband. She can now have new boyfriends while her ex-husband keeps paying for her “lavish lifestyle”.

…and that my friend is the state of affairs in this day and age.

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2 thoughts on “The “happy” couples in a modern Western society

  1. Actually, the stock of a woman drops precipitously once she is in her mid to late 30s. A man, however, continues to be productive biologically, economically and socially well into his 60s. So, it is a man’s world. Women know this also. You may be basing this post on a few women whose stories are lapped up by newspapers. But majority of the women in the world are well aware of their fragility and tend to be the weaker party in a relationship.

    • Maybe you are right about what you say but these days things are changing. Newer generations women have the entitlement attitude especially if they identify with feminism which is not about equality but special privileges.

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