Assortment of #MGTOW related videos – Part 1


This is a quick post with an assortment of MGTOW videos.


You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink


And…that’s enough for now! I showed you the way, now you take the lead and seek The Red Pill.

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8 ways to misuse Facebook and hurt your psyche
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I started using Facebook back in 2007 after a lot of peer pressure and after many friends and relatives started using it.

The reason why I delayed and pondered whether to join or not, was about my privacy concerns and about the fact that posting personal photos of myself, friends and family was not something that made me feel at ease.

During the years, I have been using Facebook, I was becoming truly aware of its negative effect on my psyche and the psyche of many of those who were on my friends list.

In late 2012, I took the decision to quit using Facebook. It was an easy choice. I did lose many of my “friends”, but I won real ones that make effort to write me an email and see me in person.

In late 2014, I re-activated my account in order to promote this blog. I also changed the way I use it: Just as an advertisement platform and a little bit like a social network. Continue reading