When Aliens invade earth: My first painting

This is my first painting ever. I did it during a painting night event at thepaintbar.com in Boston, August 2016. I don’t claim that my painting is better than this one!

The two UFOs are my original touch. Can you imagine what would happen when aliens invade the earth during our lifetimes? ūüėČ

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Dissecting the “Jupiter Ascending” movie

This past weekend I got to watch Jupiter Ascending movie. I was amused by the visuals and the universe constructed by this movie. In this blog post, I will share with you some of the interesting things I observed.

Spoiler alert: do not continue reading if you plan to watch the movie.

Here we go:

  • The movie theme: the movie sets a very futuristic theme. In that theme, traveling between galaxies is not an issue. Earth is nothing in the bigger picture
  • Big and powerful dynasties¬†own planets. Earth is portrayed as a farm to grow humans. There will be a harvest period where humans are harvested
    • Human harvesting is used to product a youth elixir, that is very profitable when sold. It is in high demand because it can regenerate cells and make you look young again
    • Earth was seeded by those superior rulers from other planets and galaxies
    • People live for millenniums. One character lived 91 millenium.
  • Crop circle: They show us a scene where a spaceship lands in a field on Earth and then when it takes off, we can see its shape burned on the ground, thus forming the “infamous” crop circles.
  • Aliens have cloaking and memory altering/erasing machines where they can come, anesthetize you, run some experiments then erase your memory of what just happened and then wake you up.
    • When an alien occurrence or mishap take place, the aliens may chose to erase the memory of a whole city if they have to. If a few escape, then no one will believe their story.
    • Aliens can morph into human shapes
    • There are “space cops” and they live among us
  • Reptile aliens
    • Reptiles are portrayed in the movie. Is this a reference to the infamous “Reptilians
    • They are like humans in functioning but have the skin and looks of a lizard
    • Those reptiles have wings and tails. They can fly.
  • Ascension technology is portrayed with a cylindrical tube filled by a blue ray with small floating particles inside of it. When one steps in the light beam, he or she will be transported up towards the spaceship above.
  • Jump Drives: in the movie, they jump drive a lot to go from a galaxy to another
  • Attachable wings: the hero is shown with two round marks on his back then they drop a hint about attachable wings.
    • At the end of the movie, we see the hero with black wings and wanting to fly and play with his date.
    • And who said angels are magical? what if they were a technological advancement as portrayed in this movie?
  • Reincarnation: In the movie, reincarnation is referred to as re-occurence and they define it as:”the re-occurence of the same genetic make up”
  • Bureaucracy: even in such an advanced empire, bureaucracies still are an impediment. We see how the heroes get bounced from one place to another when they were trying to do some paperwork. At the end, they even bribe the clerk.
  • Marriage is portrayed in the movie as a contract. The ceremony remains but just for the shows. There is no love but just a business contract
  • Time the most important asset: it is stressed in the movie that the most important asset is time! That’s why the youth elixir is important

I hope you enjoyed this list. It is far from being complete. Please write me your comments below.

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