A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.

Memes make rounds on the internet and this time, I received this quote:

A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.

The first thing I did is make sure that this quote is really attributed to Oscar Wilde and it was indeed.

I totally agree with his quote especially in this modern age.

It is hard to find a young woman that is not obsessed about make up or how she looks. In fact, these days there are less and less true things about a woman’s appearances. Consider yourself lucky if you find a natural woman who is not riddled with insecurities.

Plastic surgery to make bigger breasts, asses or lips are but a minor subset of cosmetic surgeries that are conducted mainly to increase their sexual market value and appeal.

At the same time, these women scream: “Don’t objectify us”. They are sad that men look at them like sexual objects. Unfortunately, I cannot blame the men when the women themselves are objectifying themselves day in and day out by dressing provocatively for the inappropriate occasions. For instance, a girl in tight and perhaps transparent Yoga pants coming to work in the office. Needless to say that outfit is not appropriate for a professional workplace environment…of course unless she works in a Yoga studio or the gym.

It is even saddening to learn that a woman is not satisfied by just making her face as her work of fiction (lots of makeup and “beauty” products), she posts photos of herself online via all the social media outlets for validation from other men and women. Have you heard of Instagram attention seeking girls?

What kind of mentality that is where women need to broadcast their toilet swimsuit photos for the world to see/comment/like?

What world do we live in when a person with a wise message or some valuable knowledge has barely a few followers but when a scantly clad woman has 500k+ followers on Instagram? What is she offering to the world?

This whole thing is a big viscous circle. There are also lots of men who think mostly with their small heads, and these men enable women by pandering to their demands, entitlement and bullshit. The more guys pander to those attention seeking women to more it reinforces these girls to seek more attention.

Brace yourselves readers, I have a feeling (#MeToo, #wastehistime2017 trends for instance are nothing but the beginning) that the future is not bright and things will become worth and worth when it comes to the interactions and dynamics between the genders.

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