Cryptocurrency acronyms

If you are in cryptocurrency, then you might have encountered one or more of the following acronyms and wondered what they meant. Here you go:

  • FUD: Fear, uncertainty and doubt. A propaganda to lower prices.
  • FOMO: Fear out of missing. This is when you invest out of fear and not of educated decisions.
  • HODL: Misspelling for “hold”. People say HODL so that you don’t sell your BTC and hang on unto them.
  • Mooning: Price going up extremely high.
  • FIAT: Government-issued currency, such as the US dollar.
  • Whale: Someone who owns lots of cryptos. They might sells them to manipulate the prices.
  • Bullish: An expectation that the price is going to increase.
  • Bearish: An expectation that the price is going to decrease.
  • ATH: All time high. The highest price a coin has ever been
  • Market Cap: Total supply x Current price
  • ICO: Initial Coin Offering. Like IPO for the stock market
  • ROI: Return on investment
  • Cold storage: Storing the crypto coins offline. Be it on a paper wallet or a hardware wallet.

Note: This is a live post and will be updated with new acronyms in the future.

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