Honey, I want a 3 carat ring for our engagement…what a sham!

3-carat-ringWe live in a society where in order for a man to show his love to his to a woman, he has to spend money. He has to buy her gifts, diamonds, gold, jewelry and other shiny items.
The only ones who benefit are the advertisers and jewelry shop owners. The message they keep pounding into our feeble minds is: BUY, BUY, BUY!

Have you seen the slogan of Kay the jewelry shop? “Every kiss starts with a K”. They want you to prove your love by spending your hard earned money on metals or carbons, oops, excuse me I meant to say gold and diamond.

When will society mature and realize that this is all an advertising sham, meant to transform what is true, pure and immaterial (such as love) into a commercial endeavor and a shopping spree?

I met many guys who are confused and not sure “Where and which is the PERFECT engagement ring for his fiancé”. Dear Jesus, what bullshit is this?

Or perhaps if you live in the USA, you must have heard girlfriends chatting with each other about this absurd custom (that originated from a clever 1940 advertisement) that the man has to buy an engagement ring that costs THREE TIMES his salary.

Oh man….and don’t even get me started about the marriage industry and all the ridiculous and unnecessary expenses that “modern” society subtly (not to say strong words) enforce on the wed to be couples.

Enough food for though, see you next time.

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