Relationships Never Die a Natural death: the 4 top relationship killers

Relationships never die a natural death, instead, they are always murdered by: Attitude, Behavior, Ego, Hidden Benefits and Ignorance.

From my own experience, let me elaborate a little on each of the “murderers” below. Continue reading

What’s on your mind? – How social media is unhealthy

This video below illustrates the classical case of “Compare and Despair“, as I¬†explained before in my article entitled “8 ways to misuse Facebook and hurt your psyche“.

The protagonist in this video keeps on comparing his boring life to others on Facebook who seem to be having a better life and ends up damaging himself psychologically:

flower separator In this other video below, the protagonist shows us how people go by life or more accurately¬†“how life goes by” people who are busy staring at their phone screens instead of enjoying the real life:

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