Adults: No Christmas gifts for you

xmas-giftTonight is Christmas Eve and everyone is asking me if I finished my Christmas shopping and whether I bought gifts and what not.

I did buy a couple of gifts for kids (through a giving program) and I also donated some of my time to charity during this time of the year to help prepare breakfast for the homeless. So I gladly done my share of giving.

However, this is the first year where I do not buy any gifts for adults: my siblings, relatives and friends. When I tell this to others they feel shocked, as if I committed a grave sin!

So let me explain my philosophy, and I repeat it is pertains to adults and not kids. Kids do not have their own money and any toy or gift will bring joy to their hearts. Continue reading

Good bye 2014, Hello 2015

Image Source: www.alltechbuzz.netHello Readers,

This year was riddled by lots of ups and downs. Year after year I am learning to accept what life has to offer and how to be more patient and optimistic.

It seems that everything, no matter how bad it looks, is there to teach me a lesson. Life seems to always remind of this nice story.

These are the worthwhile things I accomplished this year: Continue reading