To write a negative review about a business or not to, that is the question!

This is a subject I have long wanted to write about but I had no solid opinion up until now.

With the popularity of online review websites such as, I usually read the reviews before going to a business. Often times I read and look for the negative reviews and that fills my head with negative preconception about the business. The preconception is the problem by itself and not the business, at least not yet because it is not your own experience.

Good thing that I still give the businesses a try and often time my experience turns out to be more positive than the negative review that I just read.

For instance, I wanted to rent an apartment at of one the Avalon apartment communities but some negative reviews scared me a bit. I rented anyway and my experience was positive! Continue reading

The king and the three ministers

king and ministerOnce upon a time, a king summoned his three ministers and asked each minister to take a bag, go to the palace’s garden and fill that bag with all kinds of delicious fruits.
He clearly told them not to ask anybody for help and not to rely on each other. Each one should fulfill this task by himself.
The first minister set about filling the bag with all the best fruits and vegetables. He wanted to please the king, so he made sure he chose carefully. By the end of the day, he had filled his bag with the best and delicious fruits he could find.

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الوزراء الثلاثه


في يوم من الأيام إستدعى الملك وزرائه الثلاثة

king and minister

وطلب من كل وزير أن يأخذ كيس ويذهب إلى بستان القصر ويملئ هذا الكيس له من مختلف طيبات الثمار والزروع Continue reading

The Pledge of Allegiance


I am not a U.S citizen yet but I live here. I did not learn the Pledge of Allegiance at school, but the first time I heard it, it was during a fraternal meeting. I really loved it. Actually I appreciate to learn something on my own than having to be forced to learn in an institution such as school, church or university.

This pledge, in my opinion, holds so many virtues that are worth discussing.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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The 10 commandments in the 21st century

ten commandmentsSpiritual or religious teaching have roots in the human psyche and can not go out of date. I have been meaning to write about the ten commandments and how they apply in real life. In this blog post, I will list the commandments and then talk a bit, from my point of view, how I see they still apply in the 21st century.

The 10 Commandments list can be found here Exodus 20:2-17

Let’s get started!

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Should women dress modestly?

An assortment of articles about the importance of dressing modestly:

We are the sustainers of the world

It is said that we hold the world with our thoughts, the way we experience the world is how we collectively project our thoughts into it.

Everything exists for a reason and for something to be sustained there should be a sustainer, you, me and everyone else.

– How can there be health without illness?
– Doctors without patients?
– Bakers without hungry people?
– Lover without the object of love?
– Shops without shoppers?
– Products without consumers?
– Fashion without audience?
– Singers without listeners?
– Schools without students?
– Children without parents?
– Villains without heroes?
– Heroes without villains?
– Saints without sinners?
– Sinners without saints?