Family: other things may change us, but we start and end with family.

A friend of mine has this picture framed in his living room:

Family: other things may change us, but we start and end with family.

This family quote above speaks volume and is the reason why I am inspired to write this article. Continue reading

Honey, I want a 3 carat ring for our engagement…what a sham!

3-carat-ringWe live in a society where in order for a man to show his love to his to a woman, he has to spend money. He has to buy her gifts, diamonds, gold, jewelry and other shiny items.
The only ones who benefit are the advertisers and jewelry shop owners. The message they keep pounding into our feeble minds is: BUY, BUY, BUY!

Have you seen the slogan of Kay the jewelry shop? “Every kiss starts with a K”. They want you to prove your love by spending your hard earned money on metals or carbons, oops, excuse me I meant to say gold and diamond.

When will society mature and realize that this is all an advertising sham, meant to transform what is true, pure and immaterial (such as love) into a commercial endeavor and a shopping spree?

I met many guys who are confused and not sure “Where and which is the PERFECT engagement ring for his fiancé”. Dear Jesus, what bullshit is this?

Or perhaps if you live in the USA, you must have heard girlfriends chatting with each other about this absurd custom (that originated from a clever 1940 advertisement) that the man has to buy an engagement ring that costs THREE TIMES his salary.

Oh man….and don’t even get me started about the marriage industry and all the ridiculous and unnecessary expenses that “modern” society subtly (not to say strong words) enforce on the wed to be couples.

Enough food for though, see you next time.

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The Wise Bedouin and his 50 children

One evening, I had the privilege to meet and dine with Yasser Akkaoui the managing director and editor in chief of the Executive Business Magazine.

During our dinner, I asked him:

Yasser, so with all the companies you run, responsibilities and family, how do you manage your time?

Yasser replied:

Let me answer you with a story I heard once. This is how I manage my business.

What follows is the story as shared by Yasser:

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Image courtesy of Britannica online encyclopedia

Once upon a time, in a small village in the desert, a wise Bedouin was living there and was known to have fathered 50 children.

His words of wisdom made him famous throughout the other villages and even his wisdom and reputation spread to tourists that were visiting other villages.

One Western reporter was intrigued by the stories he heard about him, so he decide to visit his village and ask him a difficult question and experience his wisdom firsthand. It was not easy for the reporter to come up with such a question, but after days of reflection, he thought he figured a hard question he could ask the Bedouin.

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The seven chakras and spiritual dating



After living in the West for 7 years now, I could not help but observe how the dating values are upside down from what I believe dating and how humans relationships should be.

Let me quickly explain how things run in the Western world: Two people meet, they go have sex on the first, second date, or third date then later (and perhaps) go through the efforts to really know about each other or just dump each other and start looking for a new sexual adventure all over again.

It seems it is a recurrent pattern where people these days rarely go through the trouble to know each other on a level deeper then the carnal and physical dimension. Instead, they first jump directly into the sexual phase with random strangers after a few drinks or just because they could not contain their animal instinct. Continue reading

Growing up with Cats


Yesterday, I was walking in the park and saw volunteers from Community Cat Coalition of Washington, trying to recruit people to help with their cause and volunteer.

The lady had a young cat, wrapped in a sheet around her arms like a mom would hold a little baby.

For those of us, cat lovers, seeing such scene makes us kind of emotional and happy to the see the cat being taken care of.

I want to share with you my experience and relationship with cats, especially wild / rural cats. It is a long post though so you can read the parts that sound of interest to you.

Do you know the saying: “Curiosity killed the cat” ? Well, I hope your curiosity will entice you to read the whole thing eventually! 🙂

What follows is a set of stories and experiences relating to cats from my childhood and early adulthood between the age of 9 and 19 years old.

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