The king and the three ministers

king and ministerOnce upon a time, a king summoned his three ministers and asked each minister to take a bag, go to the palace’s garden and fill that bag with all kinds of delicious fruits.
He clearly told them not to ask anybody for help and not to rely on each other. Each one should fulfill this task by himself.
The first minister set about filling the bag with all the best fruits and vegetables. He wanted to please the king, so he made sure he chose carefully. By the end of the day, he had filled his bag with the best and delicious fruits he could find.

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الوزراء الثلاثه


في يوم من الأيام إستدعى الملك وزرائه الثلاثة

king and minister

وطلب من كل وزير أن يأخذ كيس ويذهب إلى بستان القصر ويملئ هذا الكيس له من مختلف طيبات الثمار والزروع Continue reading