The holy books quadrilogy

Throughout the mankind history, 3 major Abrahamic religions arose in the world. Almost two millenniums afterwards (in the year 1830), another “religious” book emerged in the US (the Book of Mormon).

It is funny how these 4 books can be likened to a funny quadrilogy book set.

  • The Jewish adventures: old Jewish scrolls.
  • Jewish Adventures II – The return of the Jews: the old and the new testament. Basically the modern day “Holy Bible”.
  • Jewish Adventures III – The Revenge of Mohammed: That’s Holy Quran used by Muslims throughout the world.
  • Jewish Adventures IV – Jesus in Space: The Book of Mormon, written by Joseph Smith

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The 10 commandments in the 21st century

ten commandmentsSpiritual or religious teaching have roots in the human psyche and can not go out of date. I have been meaning to write about the ten commandments and how they apply in real life. In this blog post, I will list the commandments and then talk a bit, from my point of view, how I see they still apply in the 21st century.

TheĀ 10 Commandments list can be found hereĀ Exodus 20:2-17

Let’s get started!

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