Did you like the Wonder Woman’s theme? Here’s why!

After Wonder Woman’s first appearance in Batman vs Superman movie, Wonder Woman theme was first revealed in the last battle against Doomsday. That theme was so awesome that I loved it immediately.

Little did I know that the theme is not very original, in fact it sounds similar to other songs and in particular the one from Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant song.

In all cases, this video explains all of this better than me:


Watch the theme performed by the fabulous and most talented Tina Guo here:

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In My Darkest Hours – A music album review

Hello readers,

Yesterday I had the chance to listen to the new album released by James Ludwig Stark on Amazon:


I don’t want to talk much about the album except that I really liked it and the songs live up to their names. I can easily imagine this music being used in movie sound tracks!

These are the songs in the album, see for yourself:

Anna 1:33
Rise 2:54
Teardrops On My Piano 2:40
Into The Darkness 2:37
The Woman Standing In The Dark 3:31
An Untold Story 3:07
Dark Side Of Gloria 2:56
Burying My Grandma 2:35
Goodbye My Friend 2:09
After 64 Consecutive Rejections 3:08

You can listen to samples on Amazon.com or just buy the whole album!

…and by the way, if you notice the last song’s name “After 64 Consecutive Rejections”, I cannot but think “64 bits” in computer terms! 🙂