Fawaregh – Stuffed sheep sausages

The stuffed sheep sausages, also known as Fawaregh, is an exquisite dish and one of the most traditional in Lebanese cuisine. Actually it is one of my favorites, but unfortunately I don’t get to eat this dish as often anymore, not after my grandma passed away. No one else took her place to regurlaly cook this delicious but tedious to prepare dish. To be perfectly honest, my aunt took it upon her to prepare this dish for me once a year, as a special treat, when I come back to visit her in Lebanon.
In fact, all the pictures below, except for the first one, are taken at her house last year!

So in short, the Fawaregh is simply stuffed sheep intestines and the usual stuffing are: minced meat, rice, chickpeas and spices.

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The Fawaregh dish reminds me of the Menudo soup from the Mexican Cuisine. Does it also remind you of another dish from your cuisine? Let me know in the comments below.

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