Keyboard shortcuts to work in a remote desktop Windows Machine from your MacBook

macos-rdp-1In this blog post, I am going to share with you how to get the missing keyboard keys that let you work in MS Windows via the remote desktop client under Mac OS X with the MacBook’s keyboard.

What is important to know is that when using a MacBook’s keyboard, you don’t have all the keys that you usually have on a PC keyboard.

Essentially, you are missing the following keys:

  • HOME / END.
  • DEL key. This is different from the MacBook’s “Delete” key (which is equivalent to the “Backspace” key).
  • INS Key.
  • Page Up / Page Down.
  • The “Windows” key.

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And then what?


Today I am going to share with you a story about life, work and happiness.

One day, John was walking in the street and he saw Mike, the neighborhood guy that sits around and relaxes all day long.

  • John then told Mike: Mike, I see you here everyday sitting and doing nothing. Why not get some chewing gum and put them next to you?
  • Mike: what for?
  • John: Like this, people will stop by an buy from you so you can make some money.
  • Mike: and then what?
  • John: with that extra money, you can then not only display chewing gum but also some chocolate and potato chips
  • Mike: and then what?
  • John: with enough money from that you can open a small kiosk and sell more stuff and beverages
  • Mike: and then what?
  • John: you can then open a small grocery store and make more money
  • Mike: and then what?
  • John: from that small grocery store, you can expand to have a bigger shop
  • Mike: and then what?
  • John: you can then aim for a supermarket
  • Mike: and then what?
  • John: you can then buy a house and let the business run itself
  • Mike: and then what?
  • John: you can then sit in your house, relax and worry about nothing
  • Mike: But John, I am already doing that! Can’t you see I am sitting here and relaxing everyday!

— Story heard from: Jihad Naaman


And so my friends, often times we keep participating in the rat race, always aiming for more when the simple things are often times already within our reach.