Free pictures to PDF converter: Pic2Pdf v1.0


Have you ever wanted to create your own PDF out of a set of pictures? A set of scanned notes or receipts?

Because I take notes using pen and paper, often I find myself scanning individual notes as pictures but never really consolidating the related pictures/notes in a single PDF.

For this reason, I created this simple and free/open source Pic2Pdf conversion tool.

Downloading Pic2Pdf

Let’s get started by downloading the tool from:

After downloading the zip archive, unzip it and run the “Pic2Pdf.exe” tool:


How to use Pic2Pdf


Pic2Pdf is very simple to use. Here’s a quick run down of each button and what it does:

  • ADD: Allows you to browse for files and add them to the list on the left
  • DELETE: Deletes files from the list on the left
  • UP / DOWN : Allow you to move the selected file up or down in the list.
  • SORT: Sort alphabetically the file list. Click it to toggle between ascending and descending sort
  • BROWSE: Allow you to chose where to store the PDF file
  • Open PDF: Opens the PDF file after it is created
  • CONVERT: Press this button to convert the picture list to a PDF

It is also possible to perform the following actions in the files list on the left:

  • Double-clicking on any item will open the item. It is useful if you want to inspect the picture you added to the list
  • Pressing Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down to move the selected picture up or down the list
  • Pressing DELETE on the keyboard to delete the selected item from the list
  • Pressing Ctrl+A to select all the items

Now let us take an example where you want to create a PDF out of 5 pictures in your documents folder. Let us follow the following easy steps:

  1. Run Pic2Pdf
  2. Press “ADD” and select the photos. Alternatively, you can just drag and drop the pictures from the desired folder into the Pic2Pdf program
  3. Use the UP/DOWN/SORT functionality if needed in order to sort the ordering.
  4. Press “BROWSE” and select where you want to save your PDF
  5. Press “CONVERT” to finish!

I hope you find this article and utility useful. Please leave your comments, feature requests, words of appreciation in the comments below or support my efforts and time put into writing this utility by donating through PayPal:

Thank you.

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