Story: Do you have an email account?

Once upon a time, a man was looking for a job. He reads about an office boy position in Microsoft Corporation. He applies and soon enough he lands an interview.
The interviewer starts asking the man some questions and then notices that the man forgot to fill in his email address.

  • The interviewer: “Oh, it seems you forgot to type in your email address”
  • The man: “No I did not forget. Actually, I don’t have an email account”
  • The interviewer: “You don’t have an email? Well sorry, you cannot work for Microsoft in that case”

The man left the interview site, feeling very sad. While walking home, he checks his pocket to see how much money he has left and finds a 10$ bill.
Looking at the only money he got, he thought: “If I use the money now to buy some food, then I won’t have any more money left for tomorrow”.
As he continued walking towards his home, he sees a man selling vegetables. He decides to buy a box of tomatoes for 10$ (using all the money he had left). He then stops near his humble apartment and tries to sell that box of tomatoes for 14$ (to make a 4$ profit).

So day after day, that man started buying more vegetables and selling them for more profit. After a year he became of one the most successful vegetable seller. He excelled at it and made a lot of money that he became famous.

One day, a local reporter wanted to interview him and hear his success story. The man started telling the reporter how at first he was selling only tomatoes, then after a while more vegetables, then fruits then other grocery items.

  • Towards the end of the interview, the reporter thanked the man for his time and told him: “Oh by the way, in case I want to follow up with you and ask you more questions, can we stay in touch? Can you give me your email address please?”
  • The man replied: “Oh sorry, I don’t have an email account”
  • The reporter: “Really? How come successful person like you does not have an email account? Imagine the success you would have had if you had an email account!”
  • Then the man replied: “If I had an email account, I would be still working as an office boy at Microsoft”

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