Ten Basic Rules for Better Living

I just finished reading the short pamphlet by Manly P. Hall entitled “Ten Basic Rules For Better Living” and I would like to share with you briefly the ten rules, however I highly advise that you buy the pamphlet and read it in details, in contains little precious gems.


Rule 1 – Stop worrying

It is long recognized, by the Egyptians, that worrying is among the cardinal sins and it never solved any problems. Instead of worrying, plan an resolution action and carry it.

Rule 2 – Stop trying to dominate and possess your friends and relatives

Sometimes we do that out of live, thinking that we know what is best for others. If we are in a position to control others then we must be responsible. Everyone has the right to experience freedom in life.

What is more hurtful than giving an advise to those who do no want it or who cannot understand it?

Rule 3 – Moderate Ambition

It is good to have ambitions, but be moderate. Do not overwork yourself lest you suffer from excessive stress. It is not necessary to be very rich to be happy neither very famous to be one.

Rule 4 – Do not accumulate more than you need

People long ago stopped believing that one can take his/her worldly possessions with him/her to the grave. Be careful about not taking more than you need lest you take from those who really need. At the end, ask yourself: “How much are we worth if we lose everything we have?”

Rule 5- Learn to relax

Great tension is an abomination. We may not see the stress in our lives, but it does not mean we don’t have it. In this modern day and age, we tend to think that relaxing or taking some time off is a waste of time. The mind needs that so it heals itself from the stresses and pressures of life. Do not exhaust yourself.

Rule 6- Cultivate a sense of humor

Humor is a good medicine. If you must laugh at someone, let it be at ourselves. A happy and sincere laughter is contagious and pleasant for the soul and those around you.

Rule 7 – Find a reason for your own existence

Do not waste time doing things without purpose. That will be a good waste of time and your purpose. Find a reason to live more than just the reason to make a fortune and accumulate wealth. Broaden your horizon and develop various skills in life for great internal good comes from the love for music, art, great literature, broad philosophy and simple faith.

Rule 8 – Never intentionally harm any other person

Never by word or evil deed, for evil is evil no matter how you express it. Turn the other cheek, learn not to hold grudges, forgive, learn from mistakes and most of all: never make a decision (to retaliate for instance) when you are angry.

Rule 9 – Beware of anger

Anger is a big handicap. If it comes due to an old ingrained habit, then slowly learn to rid yourself of that habit. The antidote to angriness is patience, a very good virtue.

Rule 10 – Never blame others for our own mistakes

It goes without saying that we should own our mistakes, learn from them and try not to repeat them. Like worrying, blaming others for our mistakes does not really solve the problem on the long term.

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