What is better than taking good care of yourself?


Probably the best thing you can do in your life is taking good care of yourself.

I can almost hear you protesting: “But I am already taking good care of myself….”

We are constantly talking this into ourselves while in reality we are barely taking care of ourselves.

A simple list of questions that help you see where you are:

  • Do you manage your time well?
  • Do you frequently set goals and reach them, or just drop the goal after few days or so?
  • Do you love your body image? Do you take care of your shape / exercise?
  • Are you educating yourself and giving yourself food for your brain?
  • How’s your social life? Are you stuck with the same friends for years and have difficulty approaching new people in social situations?
  • Do you love your work?
  • Do you get to do much of what you love rather of what you have to do due to circumstances (peer pressure, fear of embarrassment, …)
  • Do you fear of losing your possessions / constantly worry about your newly purchased goods (gadgets, your car, …)?
  • Are you too much jealous and needy in your relationship with your partner?
  • Are you procrastinating most of the time and finding excuses for not doing stuff you always wanted to do?
  • Have you lost trust in yourself and fear to get involved in new projects because you may not be able to continue to the end?

The list can go one for ever, and its sole purpose is to draw your attention towards yourself and allow you to question the quality if your life and how you’re taking care of yourself.

So how to take care of yourself, you ask me?

I have experienced that some of the things listed below really allow you to be happy and gives you a sense of control and sense of care to your being.

  • Have a Purpose: Set a short term goal and a plan to achieve it. Stick to the plan, use a calendar and mark your progress on it. Feel happy as you write down your accomplishment as you spend day after day till the goal is reached.
  • Your goal may be as simple as wanting to read 10 pages everyday in your favorite book, or it may be as simple as doing say two pushups every morning. The most important thing is to tell your mind that you are capable to do it. Let the success stack upon success, and notice that no matter how simple the achievement may look to you, but your mind and being will feel more encouraged, motivated and happy
  • Good Companionship: We all know what is good and what is bad. We can easily get fooled by following the trend thinking that majority is always right. Acknowledge your uniqueness and accept yourself as you are. Find likeminded people that you love to be with, and most important to be with naturally without efforts or imitation
  • Love: Find time to practice and experience love. First start by loving yourself. Generate the feeling of love to all your body and organs. Adopt the unconditional love attitude. Love is an internal state learn how to enrich this state within you, realize that love cannot be acquired from the outside. Don’t beg for it, it is for free, just acknowledge it
  • Thankfulness and Gratitude: Adopt the “thank you” attitude. Be grateful for everything around you. We may take it for granted that the sun is always available, the air we breath, the availability of food, the service of your fellow human. Always say thank you from your heart.
  • The law of cause and effect: Always remember that what you project to the exterior world is what you will receive back in return. If you project love, charity, forgiveness, generosity you will find yourself encircled by people like you. Whereas if you project hatred, selfishness, ill-will, this is what you will receive in return.

Hope this small post was inspirational for you. If you like to read some books and some online prayers, I suggest the following:

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