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2 Replies to “Top picks”

  1. I am pleased to have read your comments about the unprofessional manner Author House handle its business. I published a book in February 2010 and Author House created a Royalty Account for my book sales. It is six years now I have not received money from sales of my book. I have carried out investigations on sales of my book which have revealed that many books have been sold through Amazon, Ebay and many other Book Shops world-wide. In fact some Book shops are now selling my used books.

    I am intending to engage Lawyers to handle this case but have no money.

    Now that we are many please lets share ideas on how we can get monies from sales of our books by Author House.

    I have no website but can be contacted on email shown below

    My name is Peter Tichawangana
    Tel. 0118 9759920 UK

    1. Hi Peter, I did not get scammed with them. I smelled how fishy they were way before they “hooked” me in. I hope other readers join up with you and finally get their royalties back.

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