What I like about Jesus

I am not a religious person per say, and that poses a big question as to what does it mean not to be religious, and my answer to that comes later on.

Now, what I like about Jesus is his character and the way he conveyed his messages through the gospel.

He used stories. Yes stories were the key point in the gospel.

You can understand the story any way you want, depending on your level of maturity, but when you grow a little more, you will discover that a story that you loved and advocated your ways, simply turned out to be condemning you and how you lived.
And Jesus conveyed his message by writing between the line, making sure that you uncover only what you are ready to understand.

I am sure that if the gospel condemned all people right on then it would have not been so popular. But ask the scholars the true meaning of your favorite story told by Jesus and then tell me if you still like that story that much or you will change your ways and learn more from its true meaning.

All in all, I love that technique of conveying messages, although the conveyer will appear as a kind hearted and simple person at first, but the more the audience analyze your story the more they will discover how much more you meant and wanted to invoke.

Disclaimer: In no mean this article is a fact in anyway, it is merly a reflection by a mere mortal. Oh crucial judging humans and defenders/advocates of Jesus: please forgive my blasphemy.

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