Money, sex and power: the trio that rule the world

  • Money: The root of all evil as they say. We are motivated by money and for many, the means justify the end.
  • Sex: The primal instinct that drives the human populace. Sex sells. Sex seduces. How many great men fell because of treachery and bad decisions due to sex and lust?
  • Power: The thing that one cannot have enough of. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Can we learn to live outside this trio? Everything in moderation and we can make it.

A life where we try to serve others while sustaining ourselves is a good life. A life where we only take what we need is a fair one. If we use sex of reproduction and to cherish our partner, we won’t have a degenerate society and unwanted babies and hence the murders through abortion, etc.

Power? What about empowerment? Empowerment sounds more noble and better than “power”. To empower others by teaching them and educating them is a very noble thing. Power alone is selfish, but power for the sake of sharing is good and noble.

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21 formulas for wholesome living

Chain emails sometimes bring more than entertainment, sometimes they bring wisdom. Enjoy:

  1. Live beneath your means
  2. Return everything you borrow
  3. Stop blaming other people
  4. Admit it when you make mistakes
  5. Give clothes not worn to charity
  6. Do something nice and try not to get caught
  7. Listen more, talk less
  8. Every day, take a 30 minutes walk
  9. Strive for excellence, not perfection
  10. Be on time. Don’t make excuses
  11. Don’t argue. Get organized.
  12. Be kind to unkind people
  13. Take time to be alone
  14. Cultivate good manners
  15. Be humble
  16. Realize and accept that life is not fair
  17. Know when to keep your mouth shut
  18. Go an entire day without criticizing anyone
  19. Learn from the past. Plan for the future
  20. Live in the preset
  21. Don’t sweat the small stuff…it’s all small stuff

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All must fulfill their three debts

I was watching the Mahabharata and they spoke about the 3 kinds of debts that one has to fulfill in his/her lifetime: God’s debt, Sage’s debt, Ancestral debt.

All must fulfill their debts three,
God’s, Sage’s, Ancestral surely,
Before death and leaving body,
Else life itself is insulted sadly.
These debts not ordinary do be,
God’s debt – Lord Vishnu’s be,
Sage’s debt – Lord Shiv’s be,
Ancestral debt – Brahma’s be.
God’s debt by charity fulfilled be,
Sage’s by acquiring, giving be,
But of the knowledge definitely,
Ancestral debt by having progeny.

God’s debt can be fulfilled by doing charity work. I am not surprised by that. It is known in many esoteric circles that charity is a very important deed. The Bible and Masonic literature talk a lot about charity.

Sage’s debt can be fulfilled by learning, acquiring wisdom and imparting knowledge to others.

And it goes without saying that ancestral debt can be fulfilled by procreating and continuing our ancestral lineage. That is not to say that one should procreate mindlessly but instead procreate with high morality and spiritual standards. One has to bring children to the world so they help improve the world and not “pollute” the world and be like parasites.

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A warrior has two friends and two enemies

A while back, I was watching the Mahabharat series by B.R Chopra. It contains lots of nice moral stories and wisdom. One thing I am sharing with you is the following:

The warrior has two enemies: Sleep and Tiredness.

He has two friends: Hard work and caution.

The warrior who can vanquish these enemies and befriend these two friends will be undefeatable.
A person should not be jealous.
Jealousy neutralizes a person’s good points.

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Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates

I found this nice picture on the Internet:

I found it very inspiring and serves as a reminder to improve myself when I am engaging with others.

Basically, before saying anything to others, one should be mindful of the effects of their words. Words are very strong and are even said to be stronger than swords and weapons.

Before speaking, ask yourself three questions: Continue reading “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates”

The A-B-C-D Model – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I am not a psychologist, but recently I learned about an interesting tool that can help one enhance their cognitive behavior. It is called the “A-B-C-D Model” or simply the “ABC cognitive model”.

It is developed by one of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) founders: Albert Ellis, PhD. This model can help one think and act more rationally, thus lead a stress free life.

The moment I learned about this model and understood how to apply it, it became an important tool in my daily life. Continue reading “The A-B-C-D Model – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”

Today’s Reality…Sad but true…

Sometimes, chain emails are educative. This time, the video talks about the today’s reality with respect to friendship, love, health:

Please watch the video and feel free to share it with others:

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It’s a dog eat dog world

I come from Lebanon and the dog eat dog mentality is what I have experienced all my life.

I don’t know why, but for some reason I was different than others. I never liked or participated in the dog eat dog mentality. I was always honest even though people would most often take my  fair share of things because of that. Eventually, as life wished it, I managed to leave Lebanon and live in a better country that is not rampant with cheating, bribing and corruption.

In my home country, politicians and people in power steal from the poor instead of helping them. The whole country is ran like a family business where the politicians pass the chairs down from father to son.

Due to scarcity, even the people started to adopt the mentality: “Me first, others later”. Eventually, they started cheating on each others. A famous song by Ghassan El Rahbani (in Arabic), describing the whole situation in Lebanon. Lebanon is not unique in that aspect. Probably other third world countries thrive with this mentality as well. Continue reading “It’s a dog eat dog world”

37 Sayings

  1. The first victim of war is the truth
  2. Don’t treat people like angels, you will become a fool. Don’t treat people like devils for they will think you are the devil. Instead, treat people like they have some angelic traits and a lot of demonic traits
  3. Giving, even a little is better than an empty promise
  4. One cannot be judged by his outfit but from his actions
  5. He who takes refuge under a big tree always finds himself in the shadow
  6. He who does not like to get wet cannot go fishing
  7. When we die, the only thing we take with us is our good deeds
  8. When faced with a task: treat an easy task as hard one and a hard task an easy one
  9. The flower that gets smelled by many loses its scent
  10. When the love for oneself increases, the love from others decreases
  11. Only those who never experienced pain mock others
  12. A tongue has no bones but it can break bones
  13. A man can fail over and over again but it won’t count as failure until he starts blaming others
  14. The computer looks a lot like the Old Testament, lots of rules and no mercy
  15. The law is made for the rich but enforced on the poor
  16. Choose your wife with an old man’s mentality. Choose your horse with a young lad’s mentality
  17. Three kinds of people start wars: the cowards, the egoists or devious women
  18. A single flower given to a living human is better than a bouquet of flowers
  19. Don’t let your expensive cloth define you lest you find yourself one day cheaper than what you desire
  20. The more I know, the more I realize how ignorant I am
  21. A ferocious tiger in front of you is better than a treacherous wolf behind your back
  22. If a word is spoken through the heart, it goes to the heart. If it is spoken through the tongue it won’t go further than the ears
  23. He who looks at his shortcomings, forgets to look at other people’s shortcomings
  24. True philosophy is when we reconsider our view of the world
  25. If you preach your brother in private then you have benefited him. If you preach him in public, you humiliate him
  26. A golden saddle does not make a donkey a horse
  27. War is nasty, but what is nastier is those who make wealth and benefit of it without even fighting the war
  28. Eat less and live long
  29. Morning work is the most productive
  30. The prince picks the fruit and the workers pick the tree
  31. For the hard worker, a week is 7 days, for the lazy it is 7 tomorrows
  32. Nothing can scratch your back like your own finger nails
  33. Three enter all homes, no exception: debt, old age and death
  34. Don’t say “I will give”, instead give
  35. Three things lead to love: good manners, humility and being religious
  36. Good reputation is like an olive tree, it does not grow fast but it lasts long
  37. The tongue of the wise is behind his heart and the heart of the reckless if behind his tongue

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When man got afraid

  • When man got afraid
  • When he got afraid from darkness, he invented electricity
  • When he got afraid from cold, he invented clothing
  • When he got afraid from thirst, he dug wells
  • When he got afraid from disease, he invented medicine
  • When he got afraid of fire, he invented the fire extinguisher
  • When he got afraid from loneliness, he invented the television
  • When he got very bored, he invented social media

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The Ten Paramis

I learned about the paramis when I partook my first Vipassana meditation retreat. A parami is a good mental quality that one must practice and perfect in order to attain liberation.

The 10 paramis are as follows:

  1. Generosity, giving (dana): giving for the sake of giving.
  2. Morality (sila): lead a moral life and follow the 5 precepts
  3. Renunciation (nekkhamma): drop attachment to your personal belongs and lead a generous life. Give and volunteer whenever you can.
  4. Wisdom (panna): participate in wholesome learning. The ultimate knowledge and wisdom comes from within. Hence, practicing the insight meditation helps achieving true wisdom.
  5. Energy/Effort (viriya): conserve your energy and do wholesome activities. Work hard and earn your livelihood. Help others.
  6. Patience/Tolerance (khanti): replace anger and frustration with patience, forgiveness and compassion.
  7. Truthfulness (sacca): every action should come from a place of truthfulness. Prejudice blinds you from the truth.
  8. Determination (adhitthana): success does not come easily. Stay determined and remember that success begets success.
  9. Loving-kindness (metta): or self-less love. Practice loving without expecting anything in return.
  10. Equanimity (upekkha): nothing in life is permanent. Learn to recognize the impermanence and stay equanimous

May all beings be happy!

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