When it comes to keyboards, I am super picky!

When I got my first computer, I got attached to its keyboard (The Honeywell 101WN model). In fact, I kept the keyboard until I bought a new computer with no PS/2 ports on it.

It was a sad moment when I realized that I have to move on and find a new keyboard.

While I could have bought a PS/2 adapter, I needed the “Windows” key which is available on newer keyboards.

I think a big majority of programmers love their keyboards and their layout, just like me.

I am very picky when it comes to keyboards. If I don’t like the keyboard, I might not like the whole laptop for instance.

It took me a while to get used to the old MacBook Pro’s keyboards but just after I started liking their keyboards, Apple changed the mechanism to the butterfly mechanism and made the keyboards repulsing in my opinion. I won’t buy a new MacBook because of their keyboards. The same goes for Microsoft Surface laptops. I did not like their toy-like keyboards and therefore won’t buy, endorse or use a Microsoft Surface book or laptop . The most pleasant keyboards so far are the IBM / Lenovo keyboards. That’s why all of my PC laptops are a Lenovo X or T series.

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Infectious laughter recordings

Are you feeling down? Did you know that laughter is infectious?
I suggest you bookmark this page and return to it when you are feeling depressed. Listen to the laughter below and brighten up.


Male laughing:

Male laughing hysterically:

Male giggling:

Female laughing:

Female laughing hysterically:

Female giggling:

All of them together:

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Batman: The Dark Night – Life Size figure

I recently discovered that I like the Batman character. He has a blend of strength and high intellect. Additionally, he’s a human with no superpowers and therefore one can relate to him.

The following picture is life-size statue of Batman taken from a souvenir shop in Downtown LA.

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Excerpts from the “Blizzard Cosplay: Tips, Tricks and Hints” book

A hardcover copy of the “Blizzard Cosplay: Tips, Tricks and Hints” book was released on October 15, 2018. It has stunning CosPlay images.

Here’s a small taste of it:

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2019 World Predictions by Michel Hayek – The Amazement

Keeping up with every year’s tradition on this blog, I am doing a preliminary translation of the 2019 world predictions by Michel Hayek.

Disclaimer by me:

  1. I am not a professional translator and I do this as a hobby.
  2. I do not claim that the translation below is accurate or true.
  3. I did not translate everything. I skipped many things including predictions of events that are very local to the Arab region and Lebanon.

If you can understand Lebanese Arabic, I have edited and cleaned the TV interview with Michel and made it available here:

Predictions from previous years:

Let’s get started! Continue reading “2019 World Predictions by Michel Hayek – The Amazement”