Kermit the frog panhandling in Las Vegas

Five years ago, while visiting Las Vegas for the first time, I was walking on the bridge and I saw Kermit the frog panhandling. I found the picture pretty funny so I am sharing it.

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Hired only to meet the diversity quotas!

This is 2018, well last year was 2017 and the following is not far from reality. I know it sucks. How odd it is to learn that companies try to be politically correct and hire based on gender and race just to meet the diversity quotas. Oh, man! I spoke too much and I am not politically correct! The PC police will come and get me and perhaps get you too for reading this blog post!

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Graffiti in Juanita, Washington

Nice graffiti on a wall in Juanita, Washington. Distinguished elements:

  • The infinity symbol
  • Ying and Yang
  • Hour glass
  • Ankh
  • The Om symbol (probably worn out)
  • The eye of providence
  • Orcas, volcanoes, nice trees: very prevalent in Washington state

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Bullet art by David Palmer

One day I was taking a walk in Laguna Beach and I ran into an art gallery displaying the art work of David Palmer.

Mr. David Palmer, a 60-year-old California resident, is an American contemporary artist. What drew my attention was the fact that Mr.  Palmer uses bullets to make his art:

I found that kind of art really fascinating. Certain paintings can take more than 1000 bullets to make.

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The holy books quadrilogy

Throughout the mankind history, 3 major Abrahamic religions arose in the world. Almost two millenniums afterwards (in the year 1830), another “religious” book emerged in the US (the Book of Mormon).

It is funny how these 4 books can be likened to a funny quadrilogy book set.

  • The Jewish adventures: old Jewish scrolls.
  • Jewish Adventures II – The return of the Jews: the old and the new testament. Basically the modern day “Holy Bible”.
  • Jewish Adventures III – The Revenge of Mohammed: That’s Holy Quran used by Muslims throughout the world.
  • Jewish Adventures IV – Jesus in Space: The Book of Mormon, written by Joseph Smith

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World of Warcraft – The Naaru Map

In the World of Warcraft, The Naaru (pronounced [‘na:ru]) are a race of living, sentient energy beings made up of shards of fractured Light. I took the picture of this map from the Blizzard Entertainment library.

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Documentation is like sex!

Documentation is like sex.

When it’s good, it’s very good.
When it’s bad, it’s better than nothing.

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