The king and the three ministers

king and ministerOnce upon a time, a king summoned his three ministers and asked each minister to take a bag, go to the palace’s garden and fill that bag with all kinds of delicious fruits.
He clearly told them not to ask anybody for help and not to rely on each other. Each one should fulfill this task by himself.
The first minister set about filling the bag with all the best fruits and vegetables. He wanted to please the king, so he made sure he chose carefully. By the end of the day, he had filled his bag with the best and delicious fruits he could find.

The second minister was convinced that the king does not want the fruits and actually he’s not asking for those fruits for himself. So he, with this mentality, decided to be sloppy and started to fill the bag with just any fruits without checking whether they are edible, rotten or tasty. He simply did not care.
The third minister thought that the king does not even care what’s inside the bag, so he started filling the bag with leafs, weed and other non edible garbage just to make the bag look like its full.
The next day, the king summoned back his three ministers along with the bags they were set about to fill with fruits.
When the three ministers showed up, the king gave an order to his soldiers to imprison, for three months with no food or water, each of the ministers with their own bags in a far away prison where no one can hear or help them.
The first minister, having filled his bag with good fruits, ate properly and survived the three month healthily.
The second minister, having filled his bag sloppily, had to live frugally with the little good fruits he had. He suffered a lot during those three months but he made it alive.
The third minister, having filled his bag with garbage, did not stand a chance and died out of hunger.

Which minister are you?

The moral of the story:

You are now in the garden of life. You have the freedom to gather all the good deeds (fruits) or all the bad deeds, but when your time arrives and you are to be summoned at the end of your life, how will you face your death?

Nothing outlives good deeds in life. Today, and everyday for that matter, is the first day of what is left for you to live your life. Live each day as if it is your last day. Make sure you always do good to others, because later there is no time for regrets and sorrow.

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