How to show saved Windows 7 Wifi passwords

In this blog post, I am going to illustrate how to view saved Wifi keys under Windows 7 in four easy steps. Alternatively, you can use 3rd party tools to reveal the passwords for you.


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Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Right click on the wireless networks icon


After right clicking select “Open network and sharing center”


Step 2 – Select “Manage wireless networks”


This will give you a list of previously configured wireless networks

Step 3 – Select the desired network


Select the desired network and double click it or right-click and select “Properties”

Step 4 – Reveal the password

In the properties dialog / “Security” tab, click on the “Show characters” checkbox to reveal the password:


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11 thoughts on “How to show saved Windows 7 Wifi passwords

  1. this works wonders lol. i work in a call center for an isp. i often forget the steps but now that i get so many calls from customers who lost their key, this has entrenched it in my head forever. great pics

  2. I am using Maxidix Wifi Suite for this. This all-in-one wifi tool allows to export all the wifi profiles in one click. After that you can import all the profiles to the same or another computer.

    • I don’t think you can. You need admin privilege. Sometimes security bugs in the operating system give you what is called “Elevation of Privilege”, but that’s a hack and the next Windows update will stop this from working.

      Good luck.

  3. You could import that profile back with:
    Start: cmd.exe
    netsh wlan add profile filename=”Network.xml” user=current

    and then do as described in this articel! 😉

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