How to check who logged in and when via Windows Remote Desktop


Remote Deskop is a nice facility built-in Microsoft Windows from XP and up.

You can use it to remotely administer your computer or simply do programming work.

Many times you may want to keep track and see who is logging into your PC for security reasons. This article will show you how. Let’s proceed!

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Personal artificial intelligence (AI) assistants

This blog post is inspired by my review and experience with Amazon Echo device.

I will be presenting some other AI based personal assistants.


Intelligent self learning home automation and security device, and a smart personal assistant.

Check it out here.


Jibo is a family personal assistant. It will be released in 2015 according to its makers website. Jibo has also been reviewed in this Mashable article.

Project Jarvis / other

So what is Jarvis?

Jarvis is the name of Iron Man’s computer system which manages his home.

There are various open source project aiming at creating a personal AI assistant:


image According to Wikipedia:

Siri is an intelligence personal assistant and knowledge navigator which works as an application for Apple Inc.’s iOS. The application uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of Web services. Apple claims that the software adapts to the user’s individual preferences over time and personalizes results.


image Cortana is the personal assistant on Windows Phone 8.1.

Google Now

imageGoogle Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google.


Cubic is yet another personal AI with personality! Check it out here.

Amazon Echo

I previously reviewed this product in detail. Please read this blog post.


The future is bright. I would love to live in a world augmented by lots of automation, robots and AI.

Please leave your comments below or if you want me to list another personal assistant AI worth mentioning.

Should I lease or buy a car? Should I buy a new or a used car?


I ran into this nice website called “Better Money Habits” that has a bunch of education videos to instruct you how to make a better money decisions.

In regard to this blog post, I found the topic of buying a car or leasing one very interestingly explained:

Buying a new car versus a used car

Check this video:

The key factors mentioned are:

  • Initial price
  • Loan and Interest rates
  • Insurance rate
  • Repair costs
  • Fuel efficiency and cost
  • Depreciation and car’s value over time

What about leasing?

Check this video:

Key points to consider:

  • Monthly lease fee
  • Down payment to start the lease
  • Buy back price: should you consider keeping the car at the end of the lease
  • Total cost of a bought car versus total amount of lease and buy back price

It is almost always that buying the car is cheaper then buy back at the end of the lease, however when leasing you are paying less on a monthly basis.


Amazon Echo Review

Hello readers, I just received my Amazon Echo device today. I was one of the lucky Amazon Prime members who got an early invite. What follows is my quick review of this device and two videos to show it to you in action.

The package

Amazon Echo ships in a nice package that contains the following:

  • Echo speaker and power adapter
  • A remote control and two batteries
  • Short user manual
  • A small cheat sheet of words that one can say to instruct the device

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The health benefits of “Foot Reflexology Path”


A “Reflexology Foot Path” is a path designed to massage and stimulate acupressure points on the soles of the feet, which are connected to various energy meridians of the body.

To create the reflexology foot path, soft and smooth river rocks (or cobblestone) are placed in the path to stimulate neurological reflex zones on the foot to create health and well-being.

The stimulation of the reflex zones may initially create pain and soreness. In fact, that depends on how healthy you are. Little children can run on such path with little or no pain at all.

Actually, reflexology foot paths are common in China.

A recently completed study by scientists at the Oregon Research Institute (ORI) confirmed that walking on a cobblestone mat surface resulted in significant reduction in blood pressure, and improvement in balance and physical performance among adults 60 and over.


As a bonus, I share with you a video I created while walking on the Bastyr’s refloxology foot path:

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Free Bahamas Cruise Scam and how to protect yourself from scammers and unwanted telemarketers

Hello, Today I got a call on my cellphone from an unknown number:  (913)-370-9619. When I picked up the phone, the lady started talking so fast that I missed the introduction. Her voice was smooth and computer like but I could not really tell for sure. She asked me if I wanted to go for a free cruise to the Bahamas in exchange for telling my friends and family about their service.


Before she can tell me more details she wanted me to see if I qualify:

  • If I am above 18 years of age
  • If I have a credit card (because on the cruise’s casino you can pay by credit card only)
  • If I am willing to travel within the coming 18 month

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