How to capture and analyze HTTP/HTTPS from your smartphone or tablet using Fiddler


In the previous article, I showed you how to capture traffic from WiFi devices. In this article, I will illustrate how to capture HTTP/HTTPS traffic using Fiddler.

This skill is very useful for web programmers or security engineers who want to debug their application or audit third party applications that use web services over an encrypted channel. Let’s get started! Continue reading

How to capture all network traffic going through your smartphone/tablet/laptop or other wireless devices


In this blog post, I am going to show you how to record all inbound and outbound network traffic from a wireless device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc…).

People desire to capture traffic for many reasons, namely for/by:

  • Security Auditing and penetration testing
  • Programmers and testers
  • Application protocol analysis and recovery
  • etc…

Let’s get started! Continue reading

Introducing COMPEL: A command based interpreter and programming language

imageToday I open source and share with you my final year project called COMPEL for my Computer Science degree from the American University of Science and Technology in Lebanon.

I started the project back in early 2006 and worked on it for something close to 6 month while maintaining a part time job, freelance jobs and my part time studies.

Today, 8 years later, when looking back at the amount of work I did and the level of professionalism, I am still satisfied with the COMPEL project.

I hope you will find this project useful! Continue reading

Direction Key input

Hello Readers,

Today I am going to illustrate an input method where you can use for typing text and numbers using a device that has a limited set of physical keys. I call this input method “Direction Key input” or DKI in short.

image  Continue reading

Holly’s Harmony – Hand made soaps, lotions, and other hand made products


I always take pleasure in reviewing and writing about products that I tried and liked (for example the Zeo Sleep Manager).

Today, I am going to write about the products of “Holly’s Harmony”, hand made soaps, shampoo, lotions and much more.


image Continue reading

The Thirty Imperishable Stars

The Thirty Imperishable Stars are directives and hints to help you attain the divine presence.

I received this parchment below when I joined the Fellowship Of Friends back in 2006 for a period of two month.



The meaning of each work item or directive (as I like to call them), may not be evident to you directly, however, reset assured they contain deep meaning and lots of instructions to help you achieve and maintain presences and awareness (as the Buddhists’ call it).

I will dedicate future blog posts to expand upon the meaning of each directive and how the whole set work in unison to help you achieve the divine presence.

Stay tuned.

We are the sustainers of the world

It is said that we hold the world with our thoughts, the way we experience the world is how we collectively project our thoughts into it.

Everything exists for a reason and for something to be sustained there should be a sustainer, you, me and everyone else.

- How can there be health without illness?
- Doctors without patients?
- Bakers without hungry people?
- Lover without the object of love?
- Shops without shoppers?
- Products without consumers?
- Fashion without audience?
- Singers without listeners?
- Schools without students?
- Children without parents?
- Villains without heroes?
- Heroes without villains?
- Saints without sinners?
- Sinners without saints?