Introducing COMPEL: A command based interpreter and programming language


Today I open source and share with you my final year project called COMPEL for my Computer Science degree from the American University of Science and Technology in Lebanon. I started the project back in early 2006 and worked on … Continue reading

The Thirty Imperishable Stars


The Thirty Imperishable Stars are directives and hints to help you attain the divine presence. I received this parchment below when I joined the Fellowship Of Friends back in 2006 for a period of two month.   The meaning of … Continue reading

We are the sustainers of the world

It is said that we hold the world with our thoughts, the way we experience the world is how we collectively project our thoughts into it.

Everything exists for a reason and for something to be sustained there should be a sustainer, you, me and everyone else.

- How can there be health without illness?
- Doctors without patients?
- Bakers without hungry people?
- Lover without the object of love?
- Shops without shoppers?
- Products without consumers?
- Fashion without audience?
- Singers without listeners?
- Schools without students?
- Children without parents?
- Villains without heroes?
- Heroes without villains?
- Saints without sinners?
- Sinners without saints?

Growing up with Cats

Gray cat

Hello, Yesterday, I was walking in the park and saw volunteers from Community Cat Coalition of Washington, trying to recruit people to help with their cause and volunteer. The lady had a young cat, wrapped in a sheet around her … Continue reading

Introduction to writing x86 assembly code in Visual Studio


In this technical blog post, I am going to give you a head start on how to write assembler code and compile it directly from the Visual Studio IDE.


You are expected to be familiar with:

  • The Intel x86 assembly language and writing basic assembly code
  • Understanding of various calling conventions (stdcall, cdecl and fastcall)

Okay, let’s get started! Continue reading