Pills, pills, pills and more pills…

Going to doctors in the US yields a prescription drug per visit. If you dare to mention a given pain, then you walk out with a pain killer. You mention a stomach ailment, you walk out with another weird prescription drug.

If you undertake a surgical operation, you get to collect a bouquet of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

You can tell already that I am not a big fan of medications. Have you ever tried to read the side-effects of the prescription drugs?

Imagine how many toxins the drugs release in your system. Imagine how much damage they incur while they help you with a given problem. What’s the risk of addiction when you take certain pain medications?

Have you tried mentioning alternative medicine or herbs to your doctor? They ridicule you and shun the whole alternative medicine approach.

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Money, sex and power: the trio that rule the world

  • Money: The root of all evil as they say. We are motivated by money and for many, the means justify the end.
  • Sex: The primal instinct that drives the human populace. Sex sells. Sex seduces. How many great men fell because of treachery and bad decisions due to sex and lust?
  • Power: The thing that one cannot have enough of. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Can we learn to live outside this trio? Everything in moderation and we can make it.

A life where we try to serve others while sustaining ourselves is a good life. A life where we only take what we need is a fair one. If we use sex of reproduction and to cherish our partner, we won’t have a degenerate society and unwanted babies and hence the murders through abortion, etc.

Power? What about empowerment? Empowerment sounds more noble and better than “power”. To empower others by teaching them and educating them is a very noble thing. Power alone is selfish, but power for the sake of sharing is good and noble.

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21 formulas for wholesome living

Chain emails sometimes bring more than entertainment, sometimes they bring wisdom. Enjoy:

  1. Live beneath your means
  2. Return everything you borrow
  3. Stop blaming other people
  4. Admit it when you make mistakes
  5. Give clothes not worn to charity
  6. Do something nice and try not to get caught
  7. Listen more, talk less
  8. Every day, take a 30 minutes walk
  9. Strive for excellence, not perfection
  10. Be on time. Don’t make excuses
  11. Don’t argue. Get organized.
  12. Be kind to unkind people
  13. Take time to be alone
  14. Cultivate good manners
  15. Be humble
  16. Realize and accept that life is not fair
  17. Know when to keep your mouth shut
  18. Go an entire day without criticizing anyone
  19. Learn from the past. Plan for the future
  20. Live in the preset
  21. Don’t sweat the small stuff…it’s all small stuff

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She will open the door for me

It’s been said, on the first day of their marriage, wife and husband decided and agreed not to open the door for anyone!
On that day first, husband’s parents came to see them, they were behind the door.

Husband and the wife looked at each other, husband wanted to open the door, but since they had an agreement he did not open the door, so his parents left.

After a while the same day, wife’s parents came, wife and the husband looked at each other and even though they had an agreement, wife with tears on her eyes whispered, I can’t do this to my parents, and she opened the door.

Husband did not say anything, years passed and they had 4 boys and the fifth child was a girl.
The father, planned a very big party for the new born baby girl, and he invited everyone over.
Later that night his wife asked him what was the reason for such a big celebration for this baby while we did not
do it for the others!
The Husband simply replied, because she is the one who will open the door for me!

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Infectious laughter recordings

Are you feeling down? Did you know that laughter is infectious?
I suggest you bookmark this page and return to it when you are feeling depressed. Listen to the laughter below and brighten up.


Male laughing:

Male laughing hysterically:

Male giggling:

Female laughing:

Female laughing hysterically:

Female giggling:

All of them together:

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Different foods and their digestion times

It is a curious and helpful thing to know how much time the food we eat takes to digest. Digestion time is different than the time the food remains in our body before it gets expelled.

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Unhealthy food cravings and their healthy counterparts

Often times a modern man craves unhealthy and junk food that did not exist before (artificial sweeteners, transfats, fast food etc.). What to do in this case?

Cave in and eat unhealthy foods? or try to find a more healthy alternative to satisfy those cravings?

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Quotes for the last Sunday of August 2018

  • It is not important if you are walking slowly, but it is important to walk on the right road
  • To succeed, your will for success should be stronger than your fear of failure
  • Be like a comma. If you miss it, just put it and move forward towards your goal. Don’t be like a dot and end your dreams on first obstacle.
  • You pray only when in need and hardship. It is much better to pray when happy and at ease. If you get to know your God in good times, he gets to know you in your bad times.
  • War is bad, but what is worth than that are those who profit from war without even participating in it.
  • Search for gold in the dirt under your feet, in the leftovers that you throw away, in the needs of others and try to provide for them.
    Do not envy those who excelled and attained a better life because they worked hard to reach that point. There is plenty for everyone that work as hard. Do not stand still and do nothing.
  • The ignorant stands the first in life so other people can see him, but the learned stands in the back so he can see the people
  • A donkey will never learn how to swim until water reach his ears
  • He who disobeys his parents will not see good treatments from his children
  • Do not talk alot about yourself and private life among your acquaintences, instead let them talk about their own life
  • Be careful not to talk about the faults of others, even if they are at fault, instead be general and say that everyone can make mistakes and be at fault
  • You can ask for a lot of things from others except for respect, that you have to earn
  • He who does his work with love and passion will make it hard for sadness to creep into his life
  • If you had lunch, then sleep on it. If you had dinner, then make sure you walk 40 steps at least
  • Among friendships, there are two kinds that you should avoid the most.
    The first kind is those who love and stay with you when your pocket is full and they turn against you when your pocket becomes empty.The other kind is those who flatter you in your presence, but curse you when you turn your back.
  • One day, the philosopher told the garbage collector: I pitty you because your work is disgusting and dirty
    The garbage collector (gc) replied: Thank you sir, but tell me, what is your profession?
    The philosopher replied: I study the manners and characters of people, I research their work and obstacles
    The garbage collector laughed and replied: Oh poor man, oh poor man.
  • The more lazy you are the more frustrated you become. Frustration comes from failure and lazyness.
  • Forgive your enemies…however do not ever forget their names

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What is the Macrobiotic diet? By Mariam Nour [Arabic Edition] – تعريــــــف المايكروبيوتيك

    هنالك العديد من الأفكار الخاطئة عن ماهية المايكروبيوتيك.
    بدون الفهم الصحيح لهذا العلم, فإن كثير من الناس سيجدون تعلمه وتطبيقه عبء يصعب عليهم تحمله ومع مرور الوقت فإنهم سينجرفون وراء النزعة الداخلية التي سترفضه وأيضا تعيبه كعلم.
    لقد شككت في صحة هذا العلم مرات عديدة قبل أن أصل إلى المعنى الحقيقي للحياة نفسها.
    الآن أنا أؤمن أن المايكروبيوتيك والحياة هما شئ واحد, فهما الدعامة لاستمرار الحياة.
    في محاولتي لتعريف المايكروبيوتيك, توصلت أن نظرة كل شخص و تفهمه للمايكروبيوتيك والحياة يعكس لنا أي مستوى من التحكيم الذي يحكم به على مجريات الأمور قد توصل إليه ذلك الشخص.

مستويات جورج أوشاوا السبعة للتحكيم

جورج أوشاوا, مولد علم المايكروبيوتيك الحديث, وصف سبع مستويات للتطور الإنساني و أسماها مستويات التحكيم السبع. هذا الترتيب عبارة عن أداة رائعة تساعد على معرفة ماهية المايكروبيوتيك الحقيقية.
هذه المستويات السبع هي كالتالي:
  • 1-   الميكانيكي
  • 2-     الحسي
  • 3-     الوجداني
  • 4-     العقلاني
  • 5-     الاجتماعي
  • 6-     التصوري
  • 7-     السمو
هنالك قصة قديمة من الهند تجسد لنا الصعوبة في محاولة تعريف أي شئ ومهما كانت المحاولة فإن التعريف سيكون شخصي أو غير موضوعي و ناقص.
يقال أنه طلب من ثلاث رجال كفيفي البصر تعريف الفيل .
الأول تحسس خرطوم الفيل ووصفه على أنه يشبه الحية, أما الآخر فقد تحسس جانب الفيل وقال أنه يشبه الحائط, و الأخير تحسس ذيل الفيل ومن ثم قال إنه يشبه الفرشاة.
أيهما أدلى بالوصف الصحيح؟

Continue reading “What is the Macrobiotic diet? By Mariam Nour [Arabic Edition] – تعريــــــف المايكروبيوتيك”

3 Benefits of smoking cigarettes

This is a sarcastic post about the “benefits” of smoking cigarettes. While there are some positive benefits to smoking, the side effects outweigh the benefits. I got inspired to write this post after I listened to an educative video by Gauranga Prabhu entitled “The Joy of De-Addiction“. I used to be a former story myself, you can read the story of my very cigarette. Continue reading “3 Benefits of smoking cigarettes”

Floatation tanks

Floatation tank, isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank mean the same thing. My first floatation tank experience was at B1 Yoga, and then at Urban Float (both places are in Washington State):

Quoting Wikipedia:

The isolation tank was developed in 1954 by John C. Lilly, a medical practitioner and neuropsychiatrist.[1][2][3] During his training in psychoanalysis at the US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), Lilly experimented with sensory deprivation. After 10 years of experimentation without taking any psychoactive substances, he tried floating in combination with a psychedelic agent, mostly LSD (at that time he was a researcher at NIMH, and LSD was legal in the US).

If you have watched “Stranger Things” on Netflix, in one episode, they show us Eleven being trained inside an sensory deprivation tank. Even in later episodes, they build an improvised floatation tank using an inflatable pool and lots of Epsom salt.

Floatation tanks have many benefits, to list them all is to repeat what others have said. I am going to mention just a few:

  • Energises, rejuvenates and revitalises
  • Promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation
  • Deepens meditation
  • Enhances hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis
  • Speeds up rehabilitation and recovery
  • Relieves pain (arthritis, migraines, injuries and so on)
  • Reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption
  • Increases creativity, problem solving

If you are still uncertain, I advise you to read this classic book about floatation written by Michael Hutchison on how floatation tanks changed his life and help him recover his health.

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Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates

I found this nice picture on the Internet:

I found it very inspiring and serves as a reminder to improve myself when I am engaging with others.

Basically, before saying anything to others, one should be mindful of the effects of their words. Words are very strong and are even said to be stronger than swords and weapons.

Before speaking, ask yourself three questions: Continue reading “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates”

The A-B-C-D Model – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I am not a psychologist, but recently I learned about an interesting tool that can help one enhance their cognitive behavior. It is called the “A-B-C-D Model” or simply the “ABC cognitive model”.

It is developed by one of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) founders: Albert Ellis, PhD. This model can help one think and act more rationally, thus lead a stress free life.

The moment I learned about this model and understood how to apply it, it became an important tool in my daily life. Continue reading “The A-B-C-D Model – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”