Temporary Email Address?

Have you:

  • Ever wanted to download a software only to be asked for your email address before downloading?
  • Ever shared your email address on a website, though it claims clean, then the next day new spam started appearing in your inbox?
  • Ever needed to create a fast and anonymous email address for temporary use only?

Well, ofcourse you’ve faced at least one of these demands. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail are not an option since they are not that anonymous as they seem and they take time to be created!

So what’s the solution you ask?
The solution lies in the what so called “Temporary Email Address” service providers.

One site that comes to mind is the mailinator website which gives you a random email address everytime you visit the website. Not only that, to check your messages you simply type the email address in question!

Other similar websites:

  • http://www.mytrashmail.com/
  • http://www.mailexpire.com/
  • http://www.spamhole.com/

Emulating CoCreateInstance()


A while ago I wrote a small utility that converts DOT syntax into an image using
the WinGraphViz.DLL COM component.

However it is not very usual to have the user register this component before
running the tool, thus I started looking around for a way to use COM component
as if they were normal DLL.
The research yielded that there are many techniques to accomplish that:

  1. Registration-Free COM (for XP and above)
  2. Emulating the CoCreateInstance()

To learn more about the Registration-Free COM please check the references at
the end of this article. Continue reading