– Unprofessional and dishonest from the get go

fish-hook-bookI was shopping around for online businesses that help authors self-publish. I had questions related to: print on demand, ISBNs, text formatting services, book cover design, etc.

Many sites showed in my search results and in particular I went to their website and they offered to send a free starter guide if I fill in my information. No harm there. I fill my information: name, email and phone number.

After I filled the form, I received the PDF file. That PDF was really nothing more a flyer containing the services they offer. Not as much tips as they promised. Anyway, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Let me continue with my story.

So the next day, I get a phone call from an individual by the name of “Eric Lundy”, a senior author consultant. He seemed friendly on the phone. He was in a hurry while delivering his “we don’t need you, you need us” pitch. He also made sure he gets off the phone as soon as he can while telling me to continue the conversation by email if I have more questions. Continue reading

The three teens and the ass selfie obsession

The other day, I was sitting on the bench facing the lake and talking to a friend. I could not help but notice from afar on the docks three teenagers taking selfies in turns.

They spent around 30+ minutes taking photos of themselves making duck faces, yolo signs and all sort of vain poses and facial expressions.

At one point the selfie session became even more weird: the two teenagers asked their third friend to take a picture of them. They turned their back to the camera, protruded their behinds a bit, and then each girl touched the other girl’s ass while posing for the picture.

It is ridiculous how the teenage girls are very obsessed with their assets: face, hair, ass, tits, legs, you name it!

They forget that one day, they will grow old and their skin will sag. External beauty is like a flower, it will whither slowly but surely.

What values did they develop more than their vanity and narcissism during their formative years?

By the way, is there is anything more vain than the term: “Instagram model“?

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So, what is this blog about?

lallouslab-identity-crisisFor years, I was plagued by the question that others and myself keep asking: “So, what is this blog about?”

I pause, think, think and think more.

In fact, there is no one category that I write about.

I actually thought of creating various individual blog websites, each dedicated to a different category…but instead, I decided to keep growing this multi-purpose blog.

In this blog, I write about many things that peak my interest.

I know, I know, this blog feels that it could be facing an identity crisis, but I assure you it is not no longer the case!

As of 2016, this blog is ten years in the making. Over its lifetime, it hosted more than 240 posts and has amassed half a million views and 250 thousand unique visitors. All of which grew organically.

I do not get paid to write any of the articles, or advertise any of the material in this blog. I write because it is one of my hobbies.

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Hot Crazy Matrix – A Man’s Guide to Women

Funny and mostly true per my experience. Just for the laughs, here you go:

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Backup and restore NTFS files permission with the ResetPermission utility

This is a follow up article to the popular article Resetting NTFS files permission in Windows – Graphical Utility.

In this article, I document the new feature in the ResetPermissions utility v1.1.5, where you can now backup and restore the NTFS files permissions. Continue reading

Family: other things may change us, but we start and end with family.

A friend of mine has this picture framed in his living room:

Family: other things may change us, but we start and end with family.

This family quote above speaks volume and is the reason why I am inspired to write this article. Continue reading

What kind of an ass are you?


A couple of years ago, I bought a funny t-shirt that is usually an icebreaker and conversation starter with strangers! Not many people get the joke because all they see is a picture of donkeys (or asses, pun intended), depending on how you look at it! 🙂

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