7 tips to help you spot Amway / WWDB recruiters in coffee shops

working-in-cofeeshopsIn my previous article “An encounter with Amway / WWDB recruiter” I shared my story about encountering an Amway recruiter.

In this article, I want to give you some tips on how to spot and recognize Amway recruiters before they lure you and waste your time / money.

Let me give you 7 tips on how to spot Amway or WWDB recruiters:

  1. They hang out in coffee shops a lot, Starbucks seems to be their typical place. They are usually friendly and will initiate contact with you in the pretense of “we are just being friendly”
    1. They dress really sharp. As the saying goes: “Dress for success”. They dress sharply to give you the impression that they are really successful. If you look around you, they would be the only ones in the coffee shop, dressed so sharply and sitting by themselves. Consider how they dress along with the other factors I mention below.
  2. They usually carry with them “self-help” and business related books from authors such as John Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki, etc. Some book titles they would be recommending:
    1. Business of the 21st Century
    2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
    3. The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea
    4. How to Win Friends & Influence People
    5. The Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything
    6. Goodreads: Popular Amway reading material
    7. etc.
  3. When you chat with them, then ask them about what they do, they will become mysterious and never tell you what they do
  4. They mention one or more times words such as “my mentor“, “being independent“, “working for yourself”, “business partners“, “business opportunities“, “building a network
    • Example scenario: “Oh, I was not so good at such and such, but that all changed when I met my mentor. He taught me everything I know”
  5. They try to inflate your ego and tell you that you’re a good hardworking person, with a good character: “you got what it takes, you could be a good fit for my kind of business, let me take your number and let’s meet again”
    1. Another example of that is when they try to compliment you in order to establish rapport: “Excuse me, but I really like your hat”, or “Excuse me, but your shirt is so cool, where did you get it from?”
  6. They try to set up an appointment with you, so that they:
    1. Lure you more and speak vaguely about what they do. Remember, once they feel you took the bait, then perhaps they mention the word “Amway”, “WWDB” or other big company that resells for Amway.
    2. Give you hope by keep saying and mentioning “perhaps I can introduce you to my mentor, he’s a good teacher…but first you have to earn his respect”
  7. You see them over and over again and with different unsuspecting prospects

That’s all I can think of now. If you have more ideas or thoughts on the matter then please share them in the comments.

Here are some books and links that shed some light about the true nature of working with Amway:

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If you want to approach MLM with some humor and have 30 minutes to spare, I promise that you will enjoy the following video from November, 2016.

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106 thoughts on “7 tips to help you spot Amway / WWDB recruiters in coffee shops

  1. This article is very accurate. Once they’ve lured you in, the recruiter will introduce you to his/her mentor at one of the mentor’s seminars. After the seminar, you will have a follow up meeting with your recruiter, and then the recruiter shows you the business model, and discusses the agenda for future meetings until you’re “offered a partnership.” The amount of work you’re required to do for this company in order to “become rich” is ridiculous. They say that you’re an independent business owner or an entrepreneur if you join the company, but in reality your recruiter is your boss, and you’re giving up your time and freedom to help someone else get rich, which is the same thing as being employed.

    • I want to clear up some malperceptions about Amway – only two weeks ago I joined the organization. They are masters of persuasion and mentor and teach others how to do the same (they’re the softest-sellers in the world, if they’re doing their job right). I’ll give an example. Let’s say you want to take a new girl on a date but you live with your parents and drive a junker. Instead of picking her up in your junker, you borrow your dad’s ferrari (or rent one) to pick her up and take her out with. Naturally, she falls for your apparent credibility and you two plan on a second date. You will never get that second date unless you present yourself credibly, regardless of your income or posessions – this is what Amway teaches – how to present yourself credibly regardless of how broke you are. That is business and it’s what all good salespeople do, in and out of Amway.
      Additionally, the process is designed to turn-off people who are already satisfied with their life, and appeals to those who are hungry for bigger things than a J-O-B and piss-poor retirement plans that rely on illusive economic stability. It always starts with the big dream (financial freedom and working 20-hour weeks – within 2-5 years, depending on your capabilities), that appeals to almost everyone between 25-40. It would be foolhardy to start with the “network marketing” pitch, which would have been very ineffective even on me personally (and is not effective in general).
      Let’s make it clear I’m appreciative they’re teaching me these things and that I did get lured in, because I am truly sick of the cutthroat pyramid that is corporate America, I’m sick of being a slave to that and having to kiss my boss’s ass and walk on people to get ahead (Amway is looking for people like me who are sick of that, not just anyone). Those of you who are talking smack about Amway are simply not seeing the big picture (God bless ya). I’ll have you know that the FTC (who goes around shutting down the actual pyramid schemes) uses Amway as their poster-child for a legal, sustainable multilevel marketing campaign. I’ll reiterate, pyramid schemes are illegal, multilevel marketing campaigns are legit (Mary Kay, Avon, etc. – not that they are all the same, Mary Kay reps in my opinion are hard-sellers).
      Once you’ve been “lured”, you meet with them a second time (this time for an interview) with hopes of being introduced to millionaires. If they determine you’re a good fit for the organization, they open the door to their mentors (upline) which, believe it or not, are indeed millionaires and are now contacting me everyday and offering their mentorship, directly answering my questions, and even chit-chatting with and getting to know me and care about me and my success – I’ll get to meet them in person soon. They are the nicest most helpful rich people you will ever meet in your life.
      Lastly, your mentor is NOT your boss. In this business, YOU are your boss. YOU decide exactly how to move forward and make decisions. Your mentor is there to serve you and show you the ropes, they help you set goals, motivate you, and support you – they MAKE time for you (unlike any BOSS I’ve ever had in my life). These mentors encourage you not only to succeed, but to surpass them. If anything, I’m THEIR boss!
      This business is about positivity, humility, helping people actualize their dreams, and dramatically shifting peoples’ paradigms. I apologize on behalf of Amway for any of you who had anything less than a positive experience with a representative. Chances are, they were being too much of a hard-seller, were focusing on the exploitative (dark) side of sales rather than the purpose of Amway which is to help the right people realize and achieve their dreams.
      I’ll end with this: people fear what they don’t understand. Most people are complacent in their 9-5 jobs. I wish them no ill-will and appreciate that they exist. If Amway was for everyone, then it would NOT be a successful business. It’s for those who are willing to put in 2-5 years of hard work and step WAY out of their comfort zone to acheive their dreams – which only about 2% of people or less. I hope this cleared some things up. Godspeed and prosperity to you all.

      • Paul, You are extraordinary and did an excellent job of explaining not just Amway, but network marketing as a whole. I get REALLY annoyed by people who paint network marketing companies as a scam, and say they ‘don’t work’. Yet they aren’t willing to put the time and effort and hard work in to be successful. Paul, I wish you mountains of success. You have a great head on your shoulders! Kudos!!

      • Can you please contact me I need a mentor the one who brought me to learn about them has drop the bussness leaving me to have no one to turn to I need help start a bussness my name is priscilla my email is cameronprince2518@icloud.com or text me at1 (775) 815-0623 need some one who lives in Reno Nv

      • Good for you Dakota. How many people are you recruiting a week? And if you don’t recruit on a continuous basis, would you say you would find this business profitable?

      • YAAAAS!!!! WWDB has truly changed my life. Oh my God!!! I hope y’all could one day truly see and understand the bondage that America has truly purposely lured us in, and that Worldwide Dream Builders has created a way out creating a 2-5 year plan that has been tried and true over and over, and is happening more rapidly because there are people who actually gets it. And the hard work is not about sharing the opportunity that is available. The hard work is self. Changing the bad habits that has been imbedded in us for most Americans since day 1. Lazy, selfish, impatient, processed oriented vs result oriented, ungrateful, instant gratification vs delayed gratification, and so on.

        Paul, ☺️ thank you so much for breaking it down. And if they don’t understand from what you shared, well I truly feel sorry for these people.

        With Love and Peace

    • “The amount of work you’re required to do for this company in order to “become rich” is ridiculous.” That is why you will never be successful in business. Just to much work.

      • Thats why you will never be successful at anything. because your a loser who thinks hard work is too hard. have fun at radio shack for the next 50 Gibson!

      • amen you have to be willing to put in the work most people wont. most of society lives in the 95% im not and refuse not to i now live in the 5%.

    • if its the same as being employed why would you choose 40 years to retire vs 2-5 years to retire. Poor comparison i’d say.

      • thats the truth! build a pipeline for your water instead of carrying buckets all your life. because what truly matter is freedom and the life style, your family and building great relationships its not about the money yes its important but money comes with it so stop trading your time for money in you job or career – ca = pop, reer= but. and one more thing they believe in building people not using them like your job who micro manages you.

    • I’m sorry you had a negative experience, but do you honestly think that building wealth doesn’t take work!? To quote Einstein, “You can’t solve a problem with the same method of thinking that created it.” They discuss future meetings so both parties have time to build trust and demonstrate accountability. I am college educated with a degree in engineering and I’m grateful because I’ve learned how to do PROPER research over the years and by just following the plan, my income has grown substantially and is right where it should be for the effort I put in. I’ve also read the ENTIRE 121 page legal documentation for FTC vs. Amway Corp dated May 8th, 1979 and this document declares the Amway Sales and Marketing plan to be a legitimate business. I decided to trust in those who had fruit on the tree. To make a souffle you must follow the recipe for the souffle, regardless of how tedious it may be. If you follow it, you’ll get a souffle. Most people want the prize, but they just refuse to pay the price.

      Thomas Paine wrote, “That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly.” Anything worth anything in life takes time and patience to build. This great country wasn’t built overnight and neither will wealth be built without hard work, but that’s the point. Work hard now, and buy back the rest of your life. If building wealth didn’t take work and effort, then more people would be wealthy.

      All the numbers add up and the hardest thing for anyone to do is get out of their own way.

    • oh my lord you guys really have no idea what world wide is about Amway has nothing to do with world wide, world wide is a leadership organization and no they are not your boss have you ever looked up the definition of a mentor because its about helping others succeed before you. and if you really look into what they offer its pretty amazing. all they tools you say cost so much really don’t compared to any other organization for example they offer life coaching, marriage consoling, etc. if you look at the prices of other life coaches its ridiculous how much they coast and success audios. major functions are only about $150 in world wide if you look up a weekend to see any other successful seminars they are about $2,000 and if you really think the work is “so hard” you obviously don’t really and truly want great success because it isn’t given it requires very hard work.

      • If you didnt have to pay for motivational things or the communikate app even if this was a yearly subscription not a monthly one i can see it, but buying into the crap they are telling you is just flat out dumb. You are paying MONTHLY for crap. If they really wanted to help you it would be free, basically you are still stuck in a job because you are working for the ceo’s

    • You must be one of those people who tried amway before and didn’t have a dream big enough to get you to succeed in the business

      • If you didnt have to pay for motivational things or the communikate app even if this was a yearly subscription not a monthly one i can see it, but buying into the crap they are telling you is just flat out dumb. You are paying MONTHLY for crap. If they really wanted to help you it would be free, basically you are still stuck in a job because you are working for the ceo’s.

        It’s WAY better than going deeper in debt by getting a loan to start a business blindly on your own, unless you going to go deeper in debt to hire a mentor who has the life that you want unless you already know someone who (cause it’s who you know, and I didn’t know of any young retirees or millionaires who has the healthy friendships and marriages who has the life that I want) who has the life you want and will teach you and show you for free how to be free.

        I hope and pray that you will wake up and see and know Truth before it’s to late. I mean it was truly a blessing that someone must had saw something good in you in order to present this opportunity to you. Because not anyone nor everyone qualify. It’s only for the selected few. So I advise you to take a second, third look. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is true feeedom.

        Peace and Love

    • “The amount of work you’re required to do for this company in order to “become rich” is ridiculous.”

      Show me a way to make money at a high level that doesn’t require it.

    • I completely agree with you Mike. This article is totally spot on… I recently encountered a new version of this ‘mentorship’ type MLS program that was religious based. Ie You become prosperous so that you can give back to others. Based on Kiyosaki’s book. It totally misled some fellow church members of ours. And is literally a cult. It was completely deceptive and could smell it a mile away. As soon as people start asking you a bunch of personal questions, Red Flag. Its formulating their sales pitch. Knowing this, I had my fun with them trying to out them during the conversation despite their covert deception. The sad part is that they preyed on weak members of our congregation and convinced them that this is how God wants them to make money – so that they can then mentor others. Completely ridiculous.

      A) You don’t earn someones trust so that they can introduce you to their mentor. Unless their mentor happens to be bill gates.

      B) With real mentorship, the mentee finds the mentor; not the other way around. If someone is desperate to be your mentor, red flag. The arrogance. If mentors are good, mentees find them. So don’t drive up to Starbucks in your Honda civic and tell me you’re going to mentor me on how to be rich or ‘prosperous’. You’re a liar and a deceiver up to no good.

      • I grew up in church. I’m a Pastors kid. And I know the Word of God. I truly have a relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ. And I have never seen a debt free full time family member, spouse, parent, friend, Servant, who has the time to spend more time with Father God and Lord our Savior Jesus Christ then working to pay off debt living paycheck to paycheck.Christians (and I don’t even like to identify myself as a Christian because we truly do a terrible rep of our Savior to the world) marriages are just as bad as the unbelievers if not worse. The divorce rate is sky rocketing. We finance food, clothes, Christmas gifts, Halloween costumes, etc. living beyond our means when Father tells us not to borrow because now many of us are slaves to the lender. Having to work the rest of our lives paying them back. WWDB TEACHES AND PRACTICES EVERY WORD IF THE FATHER THAT PROCEEDS FROM HIS MOUTH. The relationships are so real. We’re like truly spiritual siblings practicing brotherly and sister Love.

        There is so much division , even racism, among us in the church. And it’s why the unbelievers are not attracted to Jesus. Because if we were truly living according to the teachings of Christ in all five areas of our lives, people would be running to the Church, crowding, climbing the roof, lowering the sick to get to the people of God, the same way they did Jesus and the disciples. The Church is lost. And we need to repent, seek our Fathers face, and turn from our wicked wsys. Because the world needs Him more then ever. And He is not returning until His remnant is ready.

        So I pray, who ever you are, that the eyes of your heart will open to see what is really going on. I have been praying for the remnant for a very long time. Because I want the world to see- especially America, Who our Father the Great I AM – Who God is. Cause the unbelievers truly believe that we are all alone without a hero – without a Savior. When we know Who He is, but because of our selfish and lazy instant gratification ungrateful what’s, they can’t see Him. The only way the unbelievers will know is by our Love for Him and for each other.
        I Love you. And I hope you see and hear God’s Heart within mines, in this message.

        Peace and Love

  2. This article is crazy amazing. I cannot believe that this was written LAST year. This happened to me THIS year. I was approached by a young couple who just wouldn’t tell me what the hell it is that they’re trying to “offer” me & gave me a book by ROBERT KIYOSAKI called The business of the 21st Century. They also gave me a book to read called the go-giver. They kept on saying and repeating words like Mentorship, Building your own assets, saying how they had connections to wealthy people, how they can mentor people into becoming financially independent in 5 years, and basically stated sugar coated fantasies like “I too, used to work at chipotle for 9 bucks an hour and all that changed when I met ____ he became my mentor and taught me everything I needed to know about life and business.” & guess where I met them 3 different times? AT STARBUCKS. Whoever wrote this article, damn its like you were actually there. So finally they mention the word AMWAY 4 hours into a meeting I was in with 8 people, and that’s when I knew I had been wasting my time. Because I had another shit encounter with AMway in the past, when a friend of mine had been sucked into it and had completely changed. Ugh. People are disgusting.

    • Hello Ash,

      hehe, glad you liked it! 🙂

      Well, I met like 5 of them. They all acted the same…so I kind of got fed up and also managed to analyze and understand their strategies.

      Believe me, if I kept running into them, beyond the 5th recruiter I would have written a sequel and part II to this article!

      Tell me, did they also flatter you?
      And, which state and/or city did you run into them?

      • HMM this is very interesting.. Lallouslab- do you still work 9-5? and do u intend to until 65? so.. 2-5 years is a problem but slaving 2-5 in school wasnt? with no pay back or job gaurantee
        ? Kissing your bosses behind and needing to ask permission to leave to attend to your sick mother is better than busting you hatch to get somewhere in life and never look back.. Im sorry you had a bad experience and couldnt see the big picture. 98% of the world doesnt. Now dont get me wrong, not everyone in amway or wwdb know what they are doing , but the ones who are dedicated and follow a system , breaking their comfort zones, they actually succeed.

      • Well if you keep running into them that’s gods way of telling you that maybe you should go ahead and do it

    • Your experience was just that, an experience. Check out BBB for truly researched report on the Amway business. People who actually know how to utilize the opportunity succeed and can mentor you to create wealth, if they felt it would make sense to put THEIR time and money into helping YOU to understand it.

    • Wow, ash. Your comment nearly had me in tears. The GALL these people have to expect you to care about learning from better off people than your friends, reading a book to learn about business, or FORCE you to believe that just because you’re ‘in business’ means you become successful. Stay at your job, you’ll be safe there…they’ll say.

      • you make no sense why would you take advice form your friend if hes not a millionaire and doesn’t have the answers i’m not saying diss your friend but why look up to someone who is going to settle for mediocrity for the rest of their life. that’s like asking a non brain surgeon how to operator on a brain.

    • Oh my goodness, this happened to me just this last week, I just came home from my first meeting with them(at a Starbucks:) And it is pretty much exactly as they described. This article is awesome and desrves a lot more attention!

      • I love this organization! I love how it promotes loving on people and personal growth! There are two types of mindsets, idle and growing, we promote growth. Don’t knock it till you give it 100% love you all, God bless!

    • I had a negative experience with a blogger on the internet once, does that mean ALL bloggers are no good? You’ll have to choose between the two pains in life: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. I encourage you to choose wisely.

  3. Thank you so much, Lallou, for these 2 amazing articles on WWDB/Amway. Spot on! I had a similar experience in CA. They do use a lot of flattery, mixing friendship with ‘business’, playing on your dreams and emotions especially family and children, putting down jobs and people who chose not to go into this ‘business’, vagueness, bait and switch, giving a sense of exclusivity of the club (‘if they like you they might make you an offer’), and they absolutely have to have to get a commitment from you for next time before they let you go. Painful experience but no losses, thanks to you and other warning sites. So sad that this is going on in the world :'(

    • Thank you for your comments. I am sorry you got caught in your scam!
      Would you be kind enough/have some time later on to share the story with me in private (through the Contact me page) or in another comment in this article?

      I have a few more stories about the recruiters and my negative experience with them that I have not written yet as well.

  4. Another way to tell if a couple are Amway recruiters is that they always appear in pairs and let the same-gendered person within that pair talk to you (a male talks with a male prospect and a female talks with a female prospect). This is because strangers are more prone to talk with other strangers if they are same-gendered. A female prospect might think a male Amway recruiter is trying to ask for a date for example.

  5. Every Line of this article is result of a true experience. I have gone through all this shit and then quit it until it was too late. This is a true fact. All sponsors go through exactly same steps for luring newbie.

  6. Very true. I still have one of them in my skype and also investigated that another one came to my office when I was a normal job recruiter. That one probably was not looking for a job, but he wanted ATS access to phone numbers. I don’t say that Amway is bad, but the way recruiters works actually is scam by classification.

    • How exactly does getting phone numbers as sales leads classify this as a scam? I’ll remind you that wallstreet brokers, hot tub salesmen, and even bankers all use these sales leads collecting methods to build their customer base. Lastly, there are goofy people in all different types of businesses. Do you attribute all blame to McDonalds or WalMart when you have a bad experience with one of their employees? I defend Amway Global and WWDB because they actually liberate people financially and teach them how to rediscover their power and unlock their potential, ultimately fulfilling their destiny. Sure, there are some goof balls. Life is full of them. You cannot know the power of this opportunity until you go to an Amway event and see for yourself. You’re just hating on something you know little about.

      • thank you thank you thank you Paul most people wont except the truth then again we do live in a entitled, small minded, and narcissistic society.

  7. Ahh the uneducated response to an opportunity to create success in your life. Anybody who starts their own business utilizing the Amway corporation has a satisfaction of a reliable supply company to contract with. If you truly evaluate the opportunity, it is sound. The experience is with a specific person or couple and can’t be mixed up with the opportunity. The amount of time and energy put into 40+ years of your life’s commitment to your boss’s company is really just improving their portfolio. If you were to truly evaluate the opportunity with a conscience mind, there is no waste. The time it would really take to create success in your life would add up to approximately 1 full year of regular 40 hrs a week, to create an ongoing income in your life. Yet here is another prime example of how a person not willing to go out and put effort for their family’s future will try to derail as many people as possible because it exposes them for lacking courage. Fully educated people of this opportunity understand that it would take hard work, commitment & support to do something for themselves; and aren’t afraid of a challenge. Nobody is your boss, except yourself, and for an employment mentality person that’s the bad thing, because it means nobody is going to be hanging a paycheque in front of your face to do what you need to for your company to grow. Take some time to fully understand what may potentially be in your hands and you’d be surprised.

  8. You’ll never argue with a rich person about money, and you’ll always find poor people who will tell you how you can’t make it.

  9. This article is 100% accurate; first off, I’m already successful with a developing business making six figures (low six figures) but six figures none the less. I’m also months away from obtaining my Master’s degree as well as prior military. The problem I had is that he kept trying to sell me a dream when I’m already living one and doing what I love. Boasting about luxury trips and items comes off as bragging or showing off, he must have assumed I could not afford to buy these items or trips already. I even gave him my game plan to continue succeeding and he downplayed it and made it seem as if it was small potato’s (Mad Disrespectful). I also referred to myself as a boss and he told me “I’m not a boss but a winner”. Why not? I run my own small business. MLM pitches may work for people who don’t have a plan, skill set, or income they want, but I have a plan, skill set and my income is continuously growing. They’re selling dreams to people who don’t want to work hard, develop a skill set or read to develop their knowledge, stop it with the short cuts and develop it the right way. Research investing, saving, and education; stick with it and you’ll be successful.

    • Thanks Dontae. That’s what I am talking about.

      The Amway people seem to think it is either “Amway or the highway”. They are trained to think alike and they lose individual identity.

      Besides, all those defenders of Amway or those susceptible to follow Amway / recruiter others don’t know any better. So in the end, what is meant to happen will happen.

      • Hi! lallouslab
        I wanted to send a question your way, I’ve noticed this article was written 2 years ago but has received a lot of traction in the past year. I wanted to address some things you mentioned in your article to ask you how they are misleading?

        1. Amway is partnered with Starbucks, so that is why you see many Business owners in those locations, they are also partnered with many other top blue chip corporations including the most exclusive company in the world at least at the time of writing this, Apple. For those of you who question the legality of this opportunity, then I ask if you truly feel you have done more research then billion dollar companies legal divisions.
        -Amway can be built without worldwide, as you can log onto Amway right now and sign up, you will be given a random sponsor who most likely will teach you to sell product, and that’s it.
        2. This was going to be the punch line for point 1 but I realized this covered 2 as well, Worldwide is a training program and gives you leading books that match the industry you are trying to master to create your success in and this is the difference, the “addition to” and truly the value.
        -Books on how to have people skills which is quickly becoming a lost art amongst the younger generation who know how to text but can’t seem to look people in the eye or remember a phone number much less a name without it being saved in their phone.
        -Books on how to build a network marketing business, that’s right, the first book we give you talks about how this is in the field of network marketing.
        3/4. Can I ask you if you woke up in your apparent worst nightmare, and your living was tied up in Amway (humor me) what would you say to present what you are doing?
        -I’m excited to hear what you have to say, judging by most of the replies on this port you might not even read this, or type “that would never happen…so”
        -Well that is where coaching comes in, someone that works at their first job, that is fresh out of high school that has no experience CAN build this, I’ve seen plenty of people retiring at the age of 22. What other opportunity in the world can do that?
        -That being said, I want to say this, what I have come to believe is that you have to talk to people that are looking, anyone that has conveyed a message to you should of realized that you are not looking for an opportunity, and i have no idea why you received an offer. THEY probably were trying to build their company by just hip chucking people in, which is the same as throwing mud on a wall and seeing what sticks.
        -If people continue this it means 2 things,
        1, they are building it blindly, with no help from a mentor, or are ignoring their mentor.
        2. this is only sustainable by doing this all the time, and is thus fully NOT STABLE int eh long run. Which is a poor representation of the message that should be conveyed
        -I’m sure its obvious by now I’m an IBO, you want to know what my approach is?
        “I met some successful families that have taught me how to build the Amway business, and are looking for key people to work with, if you are serious, let me grab your number”
        Where am I misleading someone?

        5. We’re looking for god hardworking people, with good character. if we miss represented you when pointing this out, please tell us, we don’t want to waste our time. and the up to $10,000 (Though all funded from your business account, which should be profits from your savings/earnings) it takes per person you sponsor in pouring into them and helping them with training or even just life stuff. It’s called building a friendship, and my coaches have cared about me way more then any classmate or co-worker I’ve called a friend. Why? having a financially vested interest in my success tends to make someone really want to make sure the advice they give you is actually worthwhile.

        6. All business is built by appointment, if it isn’t then you aren’t taking it seriously.
        7. Well that at least shows the people that tried to speak to you, aren’t quitters. that’s good to hear.

        Hard work is what builds this company, putting in consistent effort for 5 years, you will replace your job income and your time becomes spent just helping your team, which usually is just answering a few voicemail’s, and visiting your teams home and helping them build their team. These people become your best friends, and you go on trips all over the world, you bring families together and fix the power of the home. Both parents raising their kids or whatever that looks like, together full time. That is so amazing, and you cannot convince me that changing lives like that isn’t worth the hard work.

      • Thanks for your explanation. This “business” is what it is. I don’t have any issues with that. I have issues with the approach, the mystery, the wasting of time, being dishonest and after reading more about “this business” I have seen many people who lost their friends “because they are not dreamers”, lost their families (marriage broken), lost a lot of money, all because of a dream that was told in the form of “bait and switch” to unsuspecting people.

        You think if the recruiters (all of them, around 4 people approached me), were honest and upfront and did not waste my time and told me what the business what, I would have written the article? No.

        If they answered me when I asked them “So what’s this business?” and they told me “we resell for Amway and we sell motivation tapes and learning material”, I would have said: “No thanks” and then moved on. That simple.

        But no, they wasted my time, gave me vague books (business of the 21st century), kept asking to meet me, kept selling me dreams, etc.

        I am tempted to close the comment section from now on because I am done explaining myself.

        Look on the internet and you will find countless people with similar experiences. Go blame them and leave me alone.

    • It is not just about you though. That is the point. I am sorry you had negative experiences but plain and simple it was the person you met. The Amway business is not about the person building. It is about what it can do for others. You love your job? GREAT!! Then I am sure you are good at it and happy in your life. But the Amway business is willable. That means what you build can be passed on for three generations (or more if each one kept building). Can you say the same for your job? And again…even if you love your job, depending on the stage of life you are at, your values can change. You could have a sick family member. You yourself could be injured and need to be off work for a long time. The same thing could happen to someone you care about. There could be causes that you would like to give more generously to. Trips you would like to take. People you want more time with. I hope your job provides you with these things, or whatever else it is that you want. Mine sure didn’t, and I was a registered nurse. It left me limited in what I could do and I had no control of my time. I do now. I am sorry that there was a negative experience for you. That it sounds like someone played to your emotions and was insincere. I think that is cruel and manipulative and clearly did not work out for them either. I cannot speak for how those people were trying to build their business, maybe they just felt very desperate, but I can speak for mine. There are some of us who are building with integrity and good character. Where it isn’t just about the money. I have invested hours and hours into building true friendships with the people on my team, and work very hard to help them succeed. They matter to me as people. I believe that is how it should be and it makes me just as mad as you when I hear about people doing sketchy things and getting us all lumped into the same box. Amway is a great company, you just have to understand they are only a supplier. The interaction you have is from the person themselves, and I can see from your story, that the person was seriously lacking. I am thankful my experience was different.

      • This blog is something else. I’m not taking sides but it seems that … 1 … the fact that the vast majority of people are either more likely to be comfortable than take a risk or would rather work hard at a 9-5 and retire into social security (or in some cases both) is why there’s so many negative things being said about Amway.

        let’s face it, the article is correct in how they approach people, but some people are looking for something totally different than corporate America or working at Best Buy. If those people want to work 10x’s harder and try and build business than what’s the harm to the rest of the people that don’t believe in MLM. And of course the top people make the most money, they’ve been doing it forever so they should make the most. It’s a business and everyone starting should have to work their way up.

        Do you know how much it cost to start and own a Subway or any basic business for that matter? If you’re in a MLM like Amway and you do lose a few thousand in the first 2 years big deal! If you stick with it and build you will turn the corner and being down a couple thousand in two years is nothing compared to being in debt 50-100K for starting a traditional business.

        I’m not an Amway member but I wouldn’t rule it out if I am ok with the concept of knowing I may go down before going up; nothing different than a night at a casino.

        My closing thoughts and advice, if you want to pursue a MLM than do your research and be realistic about it. You won’t make the money they claim as fast as they claim you will make it. But the thought of making what I currently make it 5 or even 7 years and being able to quit my job and work that one in less hours is something worth contemplating. DOn’t buy more product (CD’s and books) than you can afford in the early years and if your sponsor can’t respect that you have the wrong sponsor. Put it in God’s hands and do what you (NOT OTHERS) think is best!

      • The person who brought me to know the bussness has drop out I need a new mentor to help me start a bussness I need some one from Reno nv please help if you can my name is Priscilla my email is cameronprince2518@icloud.com or text me at1 (775) 815-0623 thank you

  10. If you like giving your valuable time to a company that actually is a pyramid then you are ok with a Job(pyramid = all money flows up) sound firmilar? You will never make as much as the CEO but yet that’s not a pyramid?? If you are looking for more time with your family then find that vehicle that works for you not the other way around. WWDB is not about pushing product it’s about developing leaders and then duplication. It’s that simple. Look up Ponzi scheme to learn about what a illegal pyramid scheme are. If you want to be a better person, a better husband, a better father and a better servant to humanity WWDB is that opportunity!

  11. Thankfully I just stumbled upon this article that is certainly true…… I met a couple, they took me and my wife through a ‘qualification process’ that started in a coffee shop… we decided to believe…… and 3 years (not months- for all those who can’t handle delayed gratification), my wife retired from her job as an accountant and I will step away from my corporate job next year. Trust me when I tell you nobody on our team says we scammed them, in fact we have built
    Incredible relationships. Why? Because we didn’t listen to sites like this and chose to do real research….. because we trusted ourselves over people we had never met like those on this site.
    Cheers, we wish you all the best!!!

  12. It looks like a scam!
    Wake up at 6am- get a cup of coffee at Starbucks- complain-go back in ur car (paid on time), go into a cubic for 8-12 hours- get back in ur car- go to Starbucks- complain-get a cup of coffee- go home – eat food- watch tv- play games on the tv- have a 3 pack of beer- brush ur teeth- look in the mirror and say,” I am so excited about about my next 50 freaking years in that cubic”. THAT IS A SCAM! Some sold you the goods.

    Here is another scam, they learned to say, “I love my job because it fulfills me.”
    My Question is this, would you do it for free?
    If you lost your job would you do it for free?

    Here is another thing job people try to sell there scam to other people, that is to have a job for 50 years with no hope.
    They try to steal your dreams, your family, your life.

    Be careful when you have dream, to not talk to a job person they will lie to you.
    If I had a dollar for every complaint from job people I would be a multimillionaire today, actually 5 years ago.
    Job people do not want u to think for yourself.
    It sounds like they are trying to create a dictatorship!

    I am 50 year old, my own business… I have never seen so negative people against ownership. Go to Russia, I guarantee u will come back to the USA.

    Negative people do NOTHING!!!!

    Go home boy!. get your beer… and go to your cubic Son!
    Be a good boy, iam proud of you! Did I do right!🖕

    • Hey Gee, you are no different from all the others who say the same thing. You are not taking my article for what it is worth. I have been into so many business opportunities non of them are like this one: dishonest, hiding, inflating truth, sneaking and ridiculing other businesses.

      You, Amway and WWDB people, see things in black and white: if it is not WWDB/Amway then it is not good.

      You meet classical people who perhaps fit the description you are saying: they are taught they love their jobs, they complain, they stay until their retirement in their jobs, etc…I even do not agree with such a mindset.

      People can be smarter and plan their retirement / making their own business without falling into a pyramid scheme.

      I know many business owners who never participated in the Amway/WWDB scheme and are successful. You praise Amway/WWDB as “the way” to becoming “not a slave”.

      When I meet honest and upfront WWDB/Amway recruiters then rest assured, you and the other Amway/WWDB commentators over here, that I will write an article praising their long lost honesty.

      I challenge you to read all the 7 points I mentioned and prove me wrong and prove me that this is not what they do.

      Before concluding: I may do some things for free, like sharing information on my blog or giving my time to others who seek help. Amway/WWDB recruiters as you know deep inside, do NOTHING for free. They will recruit you so they get a cut of the profit and tools selling.

      Until that day comes, I will keep sharing my uniform experience with various recruiters.

    • Gee, just to reply to your last judgmental part which is not based on observations, facts and experiences of others:

      I am 50 year old, my own business… I have never seen so negative people against ownership. Go to Russia, I guarantee u will come back to the USA.

      Negative people do NOTHING!!!!

      Go home boy!. get your beer… and go to your cubic Son!
      Be a good boy, iam proud of you! Did I do right!🖕


      I am 35 and I am very accomplished. I have a job and my own business. I have accomplished more than you could have ever dreamed of when you were 35. Am I claiming? Read about me and find out for yourself.

      Life is not “Amway or the highway” okay? Stop defending dishonest people. Why dishonest I say? Read the article and the comments of all those who share the same experience.

      Again, when the recruiters are upfront and honest, I would consider writing another article…

      Having said that, I am going to write another article on the topic just to shake up the blind Amway/WWDB defenders and perhaps save a poor soul from falling into their clutches.

      • It’s either a sunk cost fallacy, or confirmation bias, which leads these people to come in and comment on the wonders of MLM (probably the same person). It’s funny, when you’re recruiter shows up to recruit you in a junker, and talks to me about retiring in 5 years. If all of these MLM people were retiring that quickly, then there would be nobody left to recruit.

      • Hey lallouslab, just a quick FYI. I respect your opinion and although what your sharing with regard to your 7 points is a skewed view, it can certainly be percieved as accurate. However you do yourself a disservice by saying “pyramid scheme” and not understanding the compensation plan that Alticor utilizes. Your blog would have much more weight if you researched and wrote about that. Good luck!

      • In the article I did not mention the word “Pyramid” not even one time! Perhaps you read that in the comments?

  13. Wow, I’ve been recruited by AMBOTS all my life when I was in my early teens and then early 20’s I checked it out., mostly at bookstores and coffee shops where they prey on people while they read all the educational Self help books their upline tells them to go out and buy. From my experience, the only people making money are the people who author the books they buy….and AMWAY corporate charging hundreds of dollars for their conferences and also $60 plus bucks a pop everytime they have a local 1 day thing. I am sooo in love with my Girl but she grew up not believing in herself (perfect target for amway) she’s now in her late 30’s and all of a sudden she started asking me questions about how id feel about certain companies…she was fishing. surely her soon to be upline told her to do this. But wait, there is more…it lead to me suspecting she was talking about Amway and I told her my true opinion…the one i list above. Well low and behold all was fine when she said but its not AMWAY its World Wide Dream Builders! I was suspect and when she started to go out late and “Coach” people all over town…then came the books and the “product” she said they “help” people and dont focus on selling a product….then all of a sudden came the little white bottles of everything from shampoo to face wash…then the little bottles of water etc (look way down in the corner of all packaging and what do you know….AMWAY logo). Next thing you know, they are telling her that she needs to be with a partner that supports her which i do…but theres more…the partner must support her in this “business” or she wont be successful. Here we go. Anyway I support her best I can without ever mentioning her “project” and I really really pray she is successful in this because I cant stand to see her hurt. But what I fear most is that she will separate from me, later fail and be without both me and her “WWDB” dream. But by them…it will be too late for both. Finally they go so far to seperate themselves from the rest of the world as to hold religious ceremonies or “felowship” at all of their meetings and conferences…I’ve got nothing against a religion I go to church myself….but not in my office building and it isn’t mandatory. All I can say is that being with someone that is in this company is like being with someone addicted to crack…i’ve actually know someone addicted to crack but not dated and yes….its really like that. If your relationship is new and the person gets involved with WWDB either get the out quick or you get out of the relationship quick you will be hurt. Its too late for me, I love her…you all SAVE YOURSELVES!

    • If you truly love her, then you’ll support her in whatever she does. You sound like you have some very wrong and misinformed information about the American way corporation. It is not a door-to-door soap company like it was 50 years ago. People are actually growing and finding direction in their life with what Amway and Worldwide have done. They teach to love on others and uplift people, how in the world can that ever be wrong? This is not a recruiting business, this is a opportunity to lead and build something of your own and leave a legacy. When I am talking to people in the community I am just looking for future leaders. Not everybody is cut out for this opportunity and you shouldn’t shut anybody down that may be a future winner. When people look up Amway or worldwide on the Internet look at the real sources like FTC or better business bureau, not forums like this 🙂 Just love her man, love her, that’s what God wants.

      • @WWGfan: I understand where @anon comes from. I have witness the programming he’s talking about first hand. Imagine for instance putting a sticker in your bathroom mirror saying: “Marry a dreamer” . Imagine the programming and “racism”. If her partner is not a “dreamer” she is encouraged to leave him for another. A couple doing WWDB is better to maintain than lone wolves.

    • I happen to be in agreement on this. Ones relationship should not end due to your partners distain for the others activities. In all relationships there is yes and no, and um hell no. Being told by someone else that they don’t support you is unmoral, and the reality is all they want is one more person to sign up and charge monthly fees for. More product samples, more seminars, more fees. I want to hear from someone who started right from the bottom, the very bottom, no income bottom and tell me if they have retired within those quote un quote 2-5years. In short I hope your girl hasn’t left you, all you’ve done is look out for her best interest and that’s putting her before yourself.

  14. Hi I have a question. I met with someone who said the mentoring is Christian based and that they don’t charge. In fact she told me it’s pay it forward. Could this be a similar thing?

    • Beth, the same thing happened to me recently. Wolf in sheeps clothing. Everything they did, say and even they way the acted aligns with this to the T. I want them as far away as possible from me, I don’t care if we go to the same church.

  15. “Lured” like a spider spider in a web you can’t escape from? Ridiculous, you get info and make whatever decision is right by you. I allowed the fear of poison written by people justifying their fear to prevent me from investigating an opportunity once. Thank god that for me and THOUSANDS of others who had the guts to think for themselves a second chance came along for me to study properly (not on the bathroom walls of blogsphere.) Trust yourself to learn fursthand, the results if you are a hard worker are worth eye to eye research. If not, it’s your life goals on the line…no one else is paying your bills. Think outside the box, those in the box are drowning sadly in this economy.

    • Lured like a spider spider? Very funny 🙂 Well, I explain exactly the usage and the whys of “lured” in my article. Most people would agree on the choice of words based on what happened and my experience.

  16. It’s crazy how convoluted and paranoid this explaination is. EVERY business in the world starts with recruitment. These people invest their time and energy into random people to find out if they’re “looking”. As in, are you okay with working 40+ hours a week 50 weeks a year away from your family for the next 40-50 years of your life OR do you want build yourself an asset where you could potentially change the outcome of the next few years. There is nothing wrong with that. People who want to develop into better versions of themselves? Have better people skillls? Understand how to positively build and Influence organizations? People are going to and have been doing that anyways. Why would anyone have a problem with them being trained under mentors who dedicate their lives to this. This article has nothing to do with WWDB or Amway. This is obviously a guy who’s had a bad experience with a PERSON. Spread the hate online all you want. Highly respect leaders support WWDB and quite frankly- it’s just going to keep growing all over the world not just in the states. There’s literally no argument against what they do other than people are paranoid over a business they don’t understand. And no. The charts on this site are definitely not accurate. Anyone with any real logic can see how rediculously biased this whole thing is. And take it from a skeptic. This whole website is a paranoids guide to being someone’s bitch (your boss) 9 to 5, 365, for life. But apparently that’s not a scam.

  17. Hey Paul,
    I’m interested in this business and am trying to get some respective and it be awesome if you could shed some light. You mentions that you started in the business about a year ago. From your progress threw the all mentoring how would you reflect on the the business? In others surfs when thinking in retrospect from when you start to where you hoped to get to compared to currently where you are at now and how your expectation contacted to yours progress in this business?
    April 20, 2016 at 9:44 am
    I want to clear up some malperceptions about Amway – only two weeks ago I joined the organization…”

    • Hey Joel I’ve been in business for 3 years and I’ve found the relationships you build in the industry to be pretty life changing. It isn’t the business model that changes people, it is the relationships. Every platinum-ship, has a different way of doing things and you need to work with people you trust. My wife and I never put pressure on people to join and we’ve made a pretty good side income with it. There’s more I could say but I’ll just say it works, it’s legit, but it takes time and effort. 🙂

  18. Wow this is the worst article I have ever read you know nothing about true opportunity and non the less I don’t know anyone like a Mark Cuban, or Warren Buffet or anyone who is wealthy that would have the willingness to teach you how to achieve that type of like style Amway is on of the greatest success story’s in America and well respected this blog should be band with all the false information on it.

  19. Every thing mentioned in the article is true. My brother and sister-in-law got sucked into this scam. It’s ironic that all these commenter defending the scamWay and how bloody fantastic it is, but in reality most of them have not made any money doing it. Average IBO made $115 in 2011 and only 0.26 % of IBOs made more then 40k, I highly that things changed since.

  20. World wide group doesn’t recruit…. they qualify people and obviously you weren’t qualified!! If you’re offended by this post… then you know you weren’t qualified and if you’re offended about that, then you should change!

  21. This is exactly what happend to me. An old friend from highscool randomally texts me adter years of no contact. She says she has an opporunity for me after saying how much she missed our friendship and how she always talks to her boyfriend about me. ( yea right). Me, being naive said i would like to hear about it and she set up a phone interview. We talked and she never really answered any of my questions. She told me they expand business projects with different companies. Just like how safeway has a club card. I still had no idea what she was getting at. I asked her what their company name is and she said duskin development. She then said her friend josh would like to speak to me and his time is very valuable and she knows im such a good person. We just got off the phone interview and my questions are still unanswered. He told me would i rather sit at a desk and work for the rest of my life or make a residual income. He said there are no dream jobs and peoole have passions but it turns into work.. STILL NO ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS! I specifically asked him so many times what would i be doing? NO ANSWER. He wants to meet at starbucks and i thought of bringing my boyfriend because my boyfriend will ask him so many questions and i feel like ill get a good laugh 😂 I get that people need to work hard to have an actual business that makes good money but these people just need to be upfront and honest instead of avoiding questions.

    • I just ruined a recruiter’s interview with someone. He said he worked for Duskin International from Seattle. He pretended not to know what a pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing company was. He looked terrified. This was in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  22. Hmm. Well if you were someone who we should listen to you’d end this with something like: “bottom line its a scam, but if you do what I tell you and listen to me and work hard I’ll show you how to become a multi millionaire and live in the top tenth 1% income bracket in america. The only thing separating you from me is time, valiant effort, and an unwavering resolve.”

    Also unlike illegal pyramids/jobs this business gives you the opportunity to pass up your sponsor (and even you sponsor’s sponsor!) and make more money than them, the way this works is no different from companies such as McDonald’s, Whole Foods, and Starbucks who have duplicated and the franchise owner takes only a small portion (lets say 3%) from each one. Hell, Tu-Pac, Elivs, and Mac Dre duplicated music and are making money in the afterlife (we being outworked by dead people!) I’ve seen the plan enough to know that you still have a misunderstanding of it, took me 5 viewings to get it and fully wrap my head around it. In fact, one of my buisness partners makes way more money than his sponsor who brought him onboard and their coach because of the hard work he put into building his business and helping others build theirs. Another one of my business partners is making a crapload more money than his sponsor who quit (thank God cus that man was teaching some wonky things from what I heard)

    Also, if amway were an illegal pyramid, why did Office Depot, Apple, The Gap, Saks, Guitar Center, Discount Tire, The Disney Store, Best Buy and many more companies partner up with amway? This ain’t sales and recruiting, its consumption and leadership. A lot of new ibos struggle with questions but its all a learning process! I didnt come out the womb with the facts about Amway, I was skeptical and opened my mind up, started thinking like a business owner and investor (which they don’t teach in school), went out and made a fool of myself here and there at first, LISTENED (keyword in this industry LISTEN) to people who started off as I did and became successful and here I am growing as we speak.

    I’m in business for myself, I run a company called Unity Development thats devoted to helping people from all walks of life with the right attitude make it. I dont need a website or office building. Broke people think corporations and whatnot are sky scrapers when they’re really just a bunch of papers in a folder (peep Rich Dad Poor Dad for clarification, I’ am not the sharpest man out there). I don’t work for Amway, they work for me >=] they do all the administrative work I’d be stuck with in the dark ages. WWDB provides training and support so I can be an effective leader, companies like Whole Foods who focus on micro management could benefit from stuff like that.

    Get educated buckshot, you’re in the dark. Careful who you listen to!

  23. Dr Dre mentored Eminem who mentored 50 Cent. If Fitty said “Hey slim, is this a pyramid? I saw this blog online that said youre a recruiter.” Eminem woulda said “Nah, keep asking me that and you won’t even make 50 cents.”

  24. Same experience here, in Seattle, WA. Approached in a public park by a young, attractive, and well-dressed couple who complimented me on my shirt and started talking about Star Wars (the shirt was of the movie). They eventually moved on to their projects, but always talking about e-commerce and building reoccuring income streams and such.

    Then came the talk about the mentor: a 27 years old that already retired, along with his wife (25 years old)… It was all about mindsets and reading “The go-giver”. We talked for a while, and try as I might, they would always come back to talk about entrepreneurship.

    They complimented me and said that I could do it too. I said I wasn’t sure, but that I would give a look at that book. We had already exchanged phone numbers before I my spider-senses were tickled.

    Got a few text messages, complimenting me again, and then a phone call with the offer to meet with the mentor, who was interested in my story. I asked a few probing questions about the mentor and his business experience, and could only get the name… googled him and found nearly nothing. Eventually managed to get his LinkedIn and credentials were very slim.

    Spoke to the mentor on the phone, who was shopping at the grocery store, and he was about as vague as the first couple. I asked point-blank about what he does and he said that it would be too complicated for me to understand… that I would need hours in face-to-face meetings to get it.

    Never mentioned Amway or WWDB in any of the conversations.

    Like others that were approached, I have a good job and so does my wife. We are not in an unhappy situation. Probably would have been more likely to try this if I had been dissatisfied with my lot. (I do want to start a business, but will do it through education)

    Spoke to my wife, who had the brilliant idea of googling the name of the book with “scam” and got to this (and many other similar) page. Thanks for your sharing this in the first place.

    I wrote back saying that I was not interested.

    Would have loved to hang out with the first couple as they were really easy to talk to, including on topics that most people are not very informed on normally… I hope they weren’t faking it all the way. Thinking about it now, I will delete their contact from my phone and move on – you just can’t know for sure that they would not try to use information that they could glean about us against us. I am actually bummed that I have to do this.

    • Thanks for your experience. That’s what I don’t like about them: how vague they are. If my guess is right and from my encounters with various recruiters, their “interest” is not real. They want to recruit you, that’s all. As long as you play along they will be positive with you. If you ask questions, they drop you.

  25. **This review has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the companies or business owners listed. This is merely a negative opinion.
    For accurate company reviews, please visit the Better Business Bureau who conduct actual legal investigations. Both companies have received A+ ratings. http://Www.bbb.org


    “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”

  26. Why fill a storage unit when you can return the items, even up to six months later? Talk about wasting your money. Scary to think about what else you hoard!!!

  27. Ugh. Honestly this exact coffee shop scenario happened to me. And here I thought the girl wanted to be my friend. 😒

  28. I would like to see, physically with my eyes, how much money someone with 3, 5, and 20 people “under them” make. I’d also like to see tax returns, write offs and real financial statements for someone who has been in the biz for 15 years or more with that amount people. Why? I’m a teacher, my salary is posted, let me see your salary. I have to buy school supplies for my students and need a little more assurance I can do that then a “I’ll introduce you to millionaires”. Unless they are buying my student’s/probably your kids school supplies, then they’ll have to meet me at Target while I’m shopping. Let the $$ talk and not the coffee shop mentorship promise talk. I was asked my thoughts on networking, after reading”the book”. I replied, “It would help me find people to open a nonprofit that provides free education with food programs in Guatemala to orphans (which, I am serious about). I was called and told I “wasn’t a good fit” after that meeting. So…. Show me the $$. I have kids to feed. They can’t dream about success on an empty stomach.

    • Kel, I doubt they will show you the $$. It is all about recruiting people and taking money from them. This is your typical MLM with a different packaging and name.

      • You’re opinion of this company is awfully wrong lol. They are a 9.5 BILLION $$ company they don’t need your 200$ start up cost that is refundable lol. Broke mentality

  29. I’m a IBO partnered with the Amway corporation and all I can say is wow. If you run into any new business recruiter in any business for that matter doesn’t mean they have good people skills so they might come off as weird at first and that’s just a start and it’s a good start. Nobody starts off professional. This person that wrote this probably doesn’t have a good self image and tried the business and didn’t committ too their own business and failed so they point at others saying this is why I didn’t succeed. It’s an excuse and this is bad publicity of false information. Trust me I would never talk someone into my business! Why? Well because it’s a waste of time mine and theirs not because the business doesn’t work but because if they are not teachable nobody will
    Make money any how because we ONLY get paid for SALES not Recruiting! Aka a legit business that is partnered with APPLE is not going to just partner with any company especially an I leg leg pyramid scheme so you can check that off your list of doubts. I can tell you this though people don’t join businesses people join people. That’s my rant. And yes you can be financially Independent for up too 4 generations doing the work correctly one time. It’s called a Big Business System for a reason. Rant over have a good day everybody god bless!

    • Dakota, “his person that wrote this probably doesn’t have a good self image and tried the business and didn’t committ too their own business and failed” . I assure you, I have very good self image and a successful career. I did not even try to “committ”or anything. Their approach turned me off. I ended up doing my own business on my own terms. Good luck selling for Amway.

  30. Happened to me twice but the thing about me is that I am streetwise so I know when someone is trying to sell me something. The first time a young man approached me and had a convo at a bookstore about life and goals, he never mentioned what he was selling but he did use the word mentor a lot. The next, a couple who complimented my girlfriend’s shoes had the same convo about they going to school to get their masters, then came the word mentor again which made it real fishy. I never met with any of them again even though they did invite for coffee. It is not that I am saying that selling me something is wrong, it is that they make people believe that they are important like, hey that person complimented me but, in reality were just using me and my girlfriend as a target to sell.

    • Exactly. They are never honest and upfront and they never run out of excuses to justify why they are sneaky like this.

      Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha you guys literally focus so much on the negativity of everything and just twist it and turn it into lies and abominations. I just made my first billion at 24 years old and not only that but . I was able to teach 8 other people how to do that but not only are we positive and making other people smile but I’m DONATING THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS TO PRIMARY CHILDRENS HOSPITAL ANNND NOT ONLY THAT BUT I PROVIDE SHELTER FOR THE HOMLESS AND THOSE WHO WERE EFFECTED IN THE HURRICANS. SAY IM AN AMBOT. But that’s just the same as tell one of those kids at primary children’s they shouldn’t get the chance to survive or get there bills paid. Because YOU THINK PEOPLE SHOULDNT DREAM. But the reality is you couldnt do this business because you weren’t haveing the right mind set and you limited your self and won’t Get the chance to wake up at 11 am and remember you don’t have to go to work and then roll of with your wife and go back to sleep. It’s a new generation and until you grasp that, your blogs will keep effecting the wrong people the people who! Very bluntly weren’t able to get rid of worldly things to build and delay gratification obviously it’s around still because it works. And you’re just jealous because your ego wants to be rich. tell me the last time you showed up some where and got handed money? No where. Hard work not only applies in the business world but in life. The form a formula for success. until you can prove that this doesn’t change the lives of those who actually tried and never once had an excuse. You could say this has helped not only millions but also changed thousands and thousands lives through the power of personal development. You’re probably one of those guys who care so much about being rich you lie and do drugs on the side and then say I’m successful give it a break. Life’s about experience and you’re trying to limit others potential.. if anything you’re just as bad as trump. Actually I’d say you are trump so go back to looking for attention. And maybe plead that some day you’ll be able to make more then you can spend. So I’m going to go back to being happily married with my wife. Which i trust and love and get to be treated the way women deserve. And if you’re a decent human you’d agree that a wife deserves the best and I’ve i have never had any better way. Your job is a legal pyramid scheme and you’re brain washed. Who your boss buys a Ferrari with his bonus who paid for it!? Yoooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Peace out girlscout😉

    • No way in hell you are a billionaire, even a thousandaire. Get there bills paid? WTF…..get their bills paid. Then you spend………than you spend.

  32. All I know is, the only constant is change. The middle class is disappearing and I know more college graduates will never pursue their field of education.

    If you don’t get on board to this super simple concept, buy from yourself, for yourself, what else can you do that will give you guaranteed complete freedom of time and money? All while pouring into others. You don’t make money until they do.

    I’m a successful business owner by day and build this asset at nights and on weekends. I love what I do for “work” but I know the grind is slowly killing me and:

    a.) I have zero exit strategy
    b.) I work 24/7 and have zero free time
    c.) my income is extremely transactional

    This business works if you work the business. You have to be transparent and open to change and hard work!

    My mentors daughter is 21 years old and will make six figures this year on a twenty hour work week. Most of our team is under 30 and we’ve seen the checks and money. Not sure what’s a “scam” here… would someone like to explain to me what there is to be afraid of? Because if you stick around you’ll find out for yourself and you can always ask any questions to anyone. I think people’s skepticism, lack of knowledge, is so unfortunate because you’re letting it stop you from living your full, full life.

    You really think we were put on this earth to trade 40 hours a week, for 50 years of our life and retire (hopefully) at 50% of our income? I don’t think so.

    Don’t be ok with mediocrity. That is all.

  33. Dang I feel attacked by the accuracy. I met someone at Dolores Park and was approached in the same way and we always meet in coffee shops. I had a good feeling about it but something about it just doesn’t sit right with me? They gave me more books to read and I’m growing more skeptical.

  34. Amway – or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves nowadays – is a total scam. Their best success is with people harboring ludicrous ideas about making it to the top in “their own business,” with no clear idea what that business involves. Next thing you know, the new recruit spent more than they can afford on a garage full of laundry detergent and has a quota of people he’s expected to recruit into the same pyramid scheme. It never ends well, except for the top scammers in the pyramid. Good luck getting there, and good luck facing yourself in the mirror in the unlikely event you ever do.

    Using hucksters as Robert Kiyosaki to help sell the idea ought to be insulting to you the second it’s presented since they obviously think you are clueless fool who falls for ill defined and unrealistic dreams without realizing you’ll be just another cog in the wheel. I’ve seen way too many naive or otherwise frustrated dreamers fall for this crap and it always ends the same way.

    A good friend of mine tried to get me into it in the early nineties when I was a broke college student. I passed. Later, I heard he left the “business”within a year after realizing he was being taken for a ride. Amway also had a habit of approaching young guys in military towns in stores, coffee shops, etc. with the same obvious opening line: “You look like a pretty smart guy…” and then leading into this BS “business” of separating fools from their money and calling it networking. They’ve since rebranded themselves to get away from the instant recoil so many people felt when they heard the name “Amway.”

    Stay the hell away from these con artists. Time spent with them is time you will never get back!

    • It is a scam. Long story short, I am a lot happier when I left Amway. What really pissed me off was when my so called mentor made a comment that some of my friends and family were not compatible with me. As an ex IBO, I do my part to warn my friends and even strangers to stay a way. Recently had a victory when by chance saw an old Amway colleague trying to recruit a friend of mine to the organization. I put a stop to it right away and my dear friend who I have known for 15 years is greatful after I explained the recruiter’s spin trying to promote Amaway.

  35. I own a furniture store and literally used Recruiting.com to find my staff. When I got educated on a big business and what WWDB is helping people achieve, I realized I “recruited” people at my furniture store to sell my products (furniture) and I would always make more money than them.

    Plus lay off Amway already. I don’t even know of a franchise that offers 90day money back gurantee on the business and 180day money back gurantee with the products.

  36. @Tip Number 5: God forbid people actually act like decent human beings and say “hello” or compliment one another. When did we become so lost that we shun the idea of someone empowering others and encouraging them to succeed by giving them a genuine compliment or building them up? Networking is not “weird” in the business world, and is a common thing in everyday life. There are “weird” people out there though. Like any other industry out there, Anyone can go on the Amway website, get a license, and use it to do good or evil. That is why you must seek out someone who is leveraging this business with the right heart and mindset, and see if they are willing to work with you. Trust me, if they are someone who is doing the right thing they will not work with you unless they feel they can help you become successful.Its the difference between recruitment and selection.

    I admire anyone out there who is willing to step out of their comfort zone to reach out to their fellow man to potentially open the door to an opportunity should they want to pursue it. If not, at least have a mutual respect for each other and encourage one another in their passions and goals. If someone loves and is passionate about their job, let them work their job. If someone wants to start a business to create more choice in their life for whatever reason, then the Amway business model or another approved MLM company may be a great platform to begin that journey for low risk i.e. not leaving your job to start a business, high initial investment cost, and overhead. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Be willing to invest sweat equity, this is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes work and you have to be a person of integrity and honesty in order to create success in that industry.

  37. I was met by one of these cult. Fellow attractive guy.. he kept saying it was a secret and too hard for me to understand, he gave me a book labelled “50shades of Amway” I wasn’t sure what I was reading. We met in our 2nd meeting and this is where he leaded me to some basement and had his way.. afterwards he told me I’ve been Amway. Now.. I’m a fruit bat and am part of Amway.

  38. Everytime someone writes a negative review of Amway or these other MLM’s the Ambots come trotting out with their little scripts to tell how wrong you are and how great Amway is! I guarantee you most of them are not doing well with Amway at all and have probably tried and failed at numerous other MLM’s. Reason being they cannot hack a regular job and lack the ability and focus to be successful working up the ladder. They want easy riches and success. Most Ambots fail, it’s a know fact. A few will do well but they could probably sell cars or sell real estate and do just as well. Natural schmoozers with good people skills and some business acumen can thrive anywhere. But the average Joe will shell out literally hundreds….if not thousands….to attend ‘meetings’ and ‘trainings’ and buy ‘materials’ and ‘supply’ and annoy and bother their friends and family. We see through you and your slick patter. Keep drinking the Kool Aid, suckers.

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