7 tips to help you spot Amway / WWDB recruiters in coffee shops

working-in-cofeeshopsIn my previous article “An encounter with Amway / WWDB recruiter” I shared my story about encountering an Amway recruiter.

In this article, I want to give you some tips on how to spot and recognize Amway recruiters before they lure you and waste your time / money.

For that matter and to save you some frustration and time waste, let me give you 7 tips on how to spot Amway or WWDB recruiters:

  1. They hang out in coffee shops a lot, Starbucks seems to be their typical place. They are usually friendly and will initiate contact with you in the pretense of “we are just being friendly”
    1. They dress really sharp. As the saying goes: “Dress for success”. They dress sharply to give you the impression that they are really successful. If you look around you, they would be the only ones in the coffee shop, dressed so sharply and sitting by themselves. Consider how they dress along with the other factors I mention below.
  2. They usually carry with them “self-help” and business related books from authors such as John Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki, etc. Some book titles they would be recommending:
    1. Business of the 21st Century
    2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
    3. The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea
    4. How to Win Friends & Influence People
    5. The Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything
    6. Goodreads: Popular Amway reading material
    7. etc.
  3. When you chat with them, then ask them about what they do, they will become mysterious and never tell you what they do
  4. They mention one or more times words such as “my mentor“, “being independent“, “working for yourself”, “business partners“, “business opportunities“, “building a network
    • Example scenario: “Oh, I was not so good at such and such, but that all changed when I met my mentor. He taught me everything I know”
  5. They try to inflate your ego and tell you that you’re a good hardworking person, with a good characters: “you got what it takes, you could be a good fit for my kind of business, let me take your number and let’s meet again”
    1. Another example of that is when they try to compliment you in order to establish rapport: “Excuse me, but I really like your hat”, or “Excuse me, but your shirt is so cool, where did you get it from?”
  6. They try to set up an appointment with you, so that
    1. Lure you more and speak vaguely about what they do. Remember, once they feel you took the bait, then perhaps they mention the word “Amway”, “WWDB” or other big company that resells for Amway.
    2. Give you hope by keep saying and mentioning “perhaps I can introduce you to my mentor, he’s a good teacher…but first you have to earn his respect”
  7. You see them over and over again and with different unsuspecting prospects

That’s all I can think of now. If you have more ideas or thoughts on the matter then please share them in the comments.

Here are some books and links that shed some light about the true nature of working with Amway:

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20 thoughts on “7 tips to help you spot Amway / WWDB recruiters in coffee shops

  1. This article is very accurate. Once they’ve lured you in, the recruiter will introduce you to his/her mentor at one of the mentor’s seminars. After the seminar, you will have a follow up meeting with your recruiter, and then the recruiter shows you the business model, and discusses the agenda for future meetings until you’re “offered a partnership.” The amount of work you’re required to do for this company in order to “become rich” is ridiculous. They say that you’re an independent business owner or an entrepreneur if you join the company, but in reality your recruiter is your boss, and you’re giving up your time and freedom to help someone else get rich, which is the same thing as being employed.

    • I want to clear up some malperceptions about Amway – only two weeks ago I joined the organization. They are masters of persuasion and mentor and teach others how to do the same (they’re the softest-sellers in the world, if they’re doing their job right). I’ll give an example. Let’s say you want to take a new girl on a date but you live with your parents and drive a junker. Instead of picking her up in your junker, you borrow your dad’s ferrari (or rent one) to pick her up and take her out with. Naturally, she falls for your apparent credibility and you two plan on a second date. You will never get that second date unless you present yourself credibly, regardless of your income or posessions – this is what Amway teaches – how to present yourself credibly regardless of how broke you are. That is business and it’s what all good salespeople do, in and out of Amway.
      Additionally, the process is designed to turn-off people who are already satisfied with their life, and appeals to those who are hungry for bigger things than a J-O-B and piss-poor retirement plans that rely on illusive economic stability. It always starts with the big dream (financial freedom and working 20-hour weeks – within 2-5 years, depending on your capabilities), that appeals to almost everyone between 25-40. It would be foolhardy to start with the “network marketing” pitch, which would have been very ineffective even on me personally (and is not effective in general).
      Let’s make it clear I’m appreciative they’re teaching me these things and that I did get lured in, because I am truly sick of the cutthroat pyramid that is corporate America, I’m sick of being a slave to that and having to kiss my boss’s ass and walk on people to get ahead (Amway is looking for people like me who are sick of that, not just anyone). Those of you who are talking smack about Amway are simply not seeing the big picture (God bless ya). I’ll have you know that the FTC (who goes around shutting down the actual pyramid schemes) uses Amway as their poster-child for a legal, sustainable multilevel marketing campaign. I’ll reiterate, pyramid schemes are illegal, multilevel marketing campaigns are legit (Mary Kay, Avon, etc. – not that they are all the same, Mary Kay reps in my opinion are hard-sellers).
      Once you’ve been “lured”, you meet with them a second time (this time for an interview) with hopes of being introduced to millionaires. If they determine you’re a good fit for the organization, they open the door to their mentors (upline) which, believe it or not, are indeed millionaires and are now contacting me everyday and offering their mentorship, directly answering my questions, and even chit-chatting with and getting to know me and care about me and my success – I’ll get to meet them in person soon. They are the nicest most helpful rich people you will ever meet in your life.
      Lastly, your mentor is NOT your boss. In this business, YOU are your boss. YOU decide exactly how to move forward and make decisions. Your mentor is there to serve you and show you the ropes, they help you set goals, motivate you, and support you – they MAKE time for you (unlike any BOSS I’ve ever had in my life). These mentors encourage you not only to succeed, but to surpass them. If anything, I’m THEIR boss!
      This business is about positivity, humility, helping people actualize their dreams, and dramatically shifting peoples’ paradigms. I apologize on behalf of Amway for any of you who had anything less than a positive experience with a representative. Chances are, they were being too much of a hard-seller, were focusing on the exploitative (dark) side of sales rather than the purpose of Amway which is to help the right people realize and achieve their dreams.
      I’ll end with this: people fear what they don’t understand. Most people are complacent in their 9-5 jobs. I wish them no ill-will and appreciate that they exist. If Amway was for everyone, then it would NOT be a successful business. It’s for those who are willing to put in 2-5 years of hard work and step WAY out of their comfort zone to acheive their dreams – which only about 2% of people or less. I hope this cleared some things up. Godspeed and prosperity to you all.

    • “The amount of work you’re required to do for this company in order to “become rich” is ridiculous.” That is why you will never be successful in business. Just to much work.

  2. This article is crazy amazing. I cannot believe that this was written LAST year. This happened to me THIS year. I was approached by a young couple who just wouldn’t tell me what the hell it is that they’re trying to “offer” me & gave me a book by ROBERT KIYOSAKI called The business of the 21st Century. They also gave me a book to read called the go-giver. They kept on saying and repeating words like Mentorship, Building your own assets, saying how they had connections to wealthy people, how they can mentor people into becoming financially independent in 5 years, and basically stated sugar coated fantasies like “I too, used to work at chipotle for 9 bucks an hour and all that changed when I met ____ he became my mentor and taught me everything I needed to know about life and business.” & guess where I met them 3 different times? AT STARBUCKS. Whoever wrote this article, damn its like you were actually there. So finally they mention the word AMWAY 4 hours into a meeting I was in with 8 people, and that’s when I knew I had been wasting my time. Because I had another shit encounter with AMway in the past, when a friend of mine had been sucked into it and had completely changed. Ugh. People are disgusting.

    • Hello Ash,

      hehe, glad you liked it! 🙂

      Well, I met like 5 of them. They all acted the same…so I kind of got fed up and also managed to analyze and understand their strategies.

      Believe me, if I kept running into them, beyond the 5th recruiter I would have written a sequel and part II to this article!

      Tell me, did they also flatter you?
      And, which state and/or city did you run into them?

      • HMM this is very interesting.. Lallouslab- do you still work 9-5? and do u intend to until 65? so.. 2-5 years is a problem but slaving 2-5 in school wasnt? with no pay back or job gaurantee
        ? Kissing your bosses behind and needing to ask permission to leave to attend to your sick mother is better than busting you hatch to get somewhere in life and never look back.. Im sorry you had a bad experience and couldnt see the big picture. 98% of the world doesnt. Now dont get me wrong, not everyone in amway or wwdb know what they are doing , but the ones who are dedicated and follow a system , breaking their comfort zones, they actually succeed.

    • Your experience was just that, an experience. Check out BBB for truly researched report on the Amway business. People who actually know how to utilize the opportunity succeed and can mentor you to create wealth, if they felt it would make sense to put THEIR time and money into helping YOU to understand it.

    • Wow, ash. Your comment nearly had me in tears. The GALL these people have to expect you to care about learning from better off people than your friends, reading a book to learn about business, or FORCE you to believe that just because you’re ‘in business’ means you become successful. Stay at your job, you’ll be safe there…they’ll say.

    • Oh my goodness, this happened to me just this last week, I just came home from my first meeting with them(at a Starbucks:) And it is pretty much exactly as they described. This article is awesome and desrves a lot more attention!

      • I love this organization! I love how it promotes loving on people and personal growth! There are two types of mindsets, idle and growing, we promote growth. Don’t knock it till you give it 100% love you all, God bless!

  3. Thank you so much, Lallou, for these 2 amazing articles on WWDB/Amway. Spot on! I had a similar experience in CA. They do use a lot of flattery, mixing friendship with ‘business’, playing on your dreams and emotions especially family and children, putting down jobs and people who chose not to go into this ‘business’, vagueness, bait and switch, giving a sense of exclusivity of the club (‘if they like you they might make you an offer’), and they absolutely have to have to get a commitment from you for next time before they let you go. Painful experience but no losses, thanks to you and other warning sites. So sad that this is going on in the world :'(

    • Thank you for your comments. I am sorry you got caught in your scam!
      Would you be kind enough/have some time later on to share the story with me in private (through the Contact me page) or in another comment in this article?

      I have a few more stories about the recruiters and my negative experience with them that I have not written yet as well.

  4. Another way to tell if a couple are Amway recruiters is that they always appear in pairs and let the same-gendered person within that pair talk to you (a male talks with a male prospect and a female talks with a female prospect). This is because strangers are more prone to talk with other strangers if they are same-gendered. A female prospect might think a male Amway recruiter is trying to ask for a date for example.

  5. Every Line of this article is result of a true experience. I have gone through all this shit and then quit it until it was too late. This is a true fact. All sponsors go through exactly same steps for luring newbie.

  6. Very true. I still have one of them in my skype and also investigated that another one came to my office when I was a normal job recruiter. That one probably was not looking for a job, but he wanted ATS access to phone numbers. I don’t say that Amway is bad, but the way recruiters works actually is scam by classification.

    • How exactly does getting phone numbers as sales leads classify this as a scam? I’ll remind you that wallstreet brokers, hot tub salesmen, and even bankers all use these sales leads collecting methods to build their customer base. Lastly, there are goofy people in all different types of businesses. Do you attribute all blame to McDonalds or WalMart when you have a bad experience with one of their employees? I defend Amway Global and WWDB because they actually liberate people financially and teach them how to rediscover their power and unlock their potential, ultimately fulfilling their destiny. Sure, there are some goof balls. Life is full of them. You cannot know the power of this opportunity until you go to an Amway event and see for yourself. You’re just hating on something you know little about.

  7. Ahh the uneducated response to an opportunity to create success in your life. Anybody who starts their own business utilizing the Amway corporation has a satisfaction of a reliable supply company to contract with. If you truly evaluate the opportunity, it is sound. The experience is with a specific person or couple and can’t be mixed up with the opportunity. The amount of time and energy put into 40+ years of your life’s commitment to your boss’s company is really just improving their portfolio. If you were to truly evaluate the opportunity with a conscience mind, there is no waste. The time it would really take to create success in your life would add up to approximately 1 full year of regular 40 hrs a week, to create an ongoing income in your life. Yet here is another prime example of how a person not willing to go out and put effort for their family’s future will try to derail as many people as possible because it exposes them for lacking courage. Fully educated people of this opportunity understand that it would take hard work, commitment & support to do something for themselves; and aren’t afraid of a challenge. Nobody is your boss, except yourself, and for an employment mentality person that’s the bad thing, because it means nobody is going to be hanging a paycheque in front of your face to do what you need to for your company to grow. Take some time to fully understand what may potentially be in your hands and you’d be surprised.

  8. You’ll never argue with a rich person about money, and you’ll always find poor people who will tell you how you can’t make it.

  9. This article is 100% accurate; first off, I’m already successful with a developing business making six figures (low six figures) but six figures none the less. I’m also months away from obtaining my Master’s degree as well as prior military. The problem I had is that he kept trying to sell me a dream when I’m already living one and doing what I love. Boasting about luxury trips and items comes off as bragging or showing off, he must have assumed I could not afford to buy these items or trips already. I even gave him my game plan to continue succeeding and he downplayed it and made it seem as if it was small potato’s (Mad Disrespectful). I also referred to myself as a boss and he told me “I’m not a boss but a winner”. Why not? I run my own small business. MLM pitches may work for people who don’t have a plan, skill set, or income they want, but I have a plan, skill set and my income is continuously growing. They’re selling dreams to people who don’t want to work hard, develop a skill set or read to develop their knowledge, stop it with the short cuts and develop it the right way. Research investing, saving, and education; stick with it and you’ll be successful.

  10. If you like giving your valuable time to a company that actually is a pyramid then you are ok with a Job(pyramid = all money flows up) sound firmilar? You will never make as much as the CEO but yet that’s not a pyramid?? If you are looking for more time with your family then find that vehicle that works for you not the other way around. WWDB is not about pushing product it’s about developing leaders and then duplication. It’s that simple. Look up Ponzi scheme to learn about what a illegal pyramid scheme are. If you want to be a better person, a better husband, a better father and a better servant to humanity WWDB is that opportunity!

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