Revisiting the social norms and expectations imposed upon us…

I grew up in Lebanon and spent most of my life there. One of the things I learned is to be hospitable.

For instance, if you are eating something, you offer others before you eat.

If you are thirsty at the same time as some one else, you let them drink first.

When we go to restaurants with a group of family or friends, we fight for the check. Everyone wants to pay for the whole group. The premise is that if someone pays today, another will pay the next time, etc.

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A lesson to my teenage son

One day, a father was lecturing his teenage son about modesty and morality. The son replies arrogantly saying:

“Dad, it seems you forgot that you yourself went through the same age as me and my generation. You have left your father’s house, found a woman, got married and had your own kids. Can’t we do the same as you?”

The father replied: “No doubt in that my son, however you are from the new generation. You eventually walk the same path we walked but you start that path from the opposite direction and you start from where we ended”.

Indeed, the new generation is all confused about relationships. They have been brainwashed by the media and Hollywood about what is the “right” way to conduct a spiritual and wholesome life that improves the society. I have spoken about this upside down world we live in currently in my article entitled “The seven chakras and spiritual dating”. I encourage you to read this article because it really illustrates how the new generation start a family or a relationship completely backwards under the influence of alcohol and other mind numbing drugs.

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Catching up after a long time

Two friends, Tom and Mark reunite after a long time. They started chatting and catching up.

  • Tom: So Mark, what’s up with you after this long time?
  • Mark: Oh, since then I got married
  • Tom: So that must be good news
  • Mark: No, not really. The wife turned out to be very evil and made my life miserable
  • Tom: Oh, that’s not good
  • Mark: Well, no worries here. We got divorced and she paid me lots of money during the divorce
  • Tom: So, that is of most convenience then
  • Mark: Oh yeah, with all the money, I decided to get into the cattle business, but unfortunately they all died in an accident
  • Tom: What luck!
  • Mark: Luckily, I could sell their pelts for good money
  • Tom: So for selling the pelts, at least you recovered your losses
  • Mark: Yes indeed and with the money I bought a new house
  • Tom: What a turn of events. That sucks!
  • Mark: No not really. The wife was still in the house when it burned.

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54 sayings about life and relationships

  1. First learn to listen, second learn to judge
  2. Nature gave man two ears and one mouth so that we listen more than we talk
  3. The treasures of the thieves goes back to the kings
  4. Do not offer salt or advise to those who never asked for it
  5. One hundred washes do not make the coal white again
  6. The tired can sleep on a pillow made of rock and can find rest. The lazy sleeps on a feather pillow and can’t find rest
  7. If you were right then no need to raise your voice
  8. Do not befriend those who are shy to announce your friendship
  9. The origin of all good is knowledge and justice, but the origin of all evil is ignorance and darkness
  10. A Tyrant cuts the tree to get the fruit
  11. During the storm, the fishermen befriend each other
  12. When the eagle is sad, he calls the owl “my brother”
  13. One cannot argue when it comes to colors and taste
  14. He who asks for a friend without a flaw, remains a person without a friend
  15. He who helps others so people can see him, cannot help anybody behind the scenes.
  16. A 1000 miles trips start with a single step
  17. Like the water flows back to the ocean, so good deeds go back to the benevolent
  18. It is easy to be a human being, but it is hard to be a man
  19. Success is a ladder that you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets
  20. A small hut to laugh with family and friends is better than a castle where we are lonely and sad
  21. After a good meal, have a nap. After a good dinner take 40 steps
  22. There’s nothing in life to be afraid from, but there are plenty of things worth understanding
  23. Water can wash away almost everything except for a bad tongue
  24. Duties are ligther than a feather but heavier than a mountain
  25. Keeping the head is better than keeping the hat
  26. The home is turned upside down when the cock is silenced and the chicken starts singing
  27. A hand washes the other hand, but both hands wash the face
  28. Do not spend a big part of the discussion talking about yourself and life with acquaintances, instead ask about them and their lives
  29. When there’s so many captains, the ship sinks
  30. If you do good to others, make sure you don’t mention that. If others do good to you, make sure you remember their favor.
  31. Do good to your friends so they appreciate you more. Do good to your enemies so they become your friends.
  32. Justice sleeps sometimes, but it never dies
  33. To become a master, first you have to become a servant
  34. The man loved most the things denied to him
  35. My advise to you is to get married: if you find a good woman, you will have a happy life. If you find a bad woman, then you will become a philosopher
  36. We are all born crazy, except that some stay crazy.
  37. If a woman speaks, then shut up. If she stops, then talk. You better not talk.
  38. Marriage is our last chance for us to grow up
  39. It is not the lack of love that makes a marriage miserable, but it is the lack of friendship in marriage
  40. Love: a temporary insanity that can be cured with marriage
  41. Two roosters were living in harmony until the chicken showed up
  42. Banging the head into the wall brings nothing but swelling
  43. If you saw your neighbor’s beard catching fire, go and wet yours
  44. A bad knife cuts a finger but not wood
  45. A book is a good friend, but unfortunately, its only defect is that it is bought with money
  46. Forgive your enemies but never forget their names
  47. One man in the house is better than ten in the street
  48. A man falls in love with through his eyes and the woman through her ears
  49. A man cannot live because of beauty, but is ready to sacrifice himself for beauty
  50. The mother spends twenty years to make her boy a man, till another woman makes her son a fool in twenty minutes
  51. Sorrow can be a bridge to happiness
  52. He who could not stand being taught for one hour, stays ignorant for ever
  53. Do not become curious about other people’s business lest you hear what you don’t like.
  54. We can understand life if we looked into the past, but we cannot live fully unless we look forward

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Bullet art by David Palmer

One day I was taking a walk in Laguna Beach and I ran into an art gallery displaying the art work of David Palmer.

Mr. David Palmer, a 60-year-old California resident, is an American contemporary artist. What drew my attention was the fact that Mr.  Palmer uses bullets to make his art:

I found that kind of art really fascinating. Certain paintings can take more than 1000 bullets to make.

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The 2018 World Predictions – Michel Hayek

Keeping with every year’s tradition on this blog, I am doing a preliminary translation of the 2018 predictions by Michel Hayek.


  1. I am not a professional translator and I do this as a hobby.
  2. I do not claim that the translation below is accurate or true.
  3. I did not translate everything. I skipped many things including predictions of events that are very local to the Arab region and Lebanon.

If you can understand Lebanese Arabic, I have edited and cleaned the TV interview with Michael and made it available here:

And the full video can be found here:


More predictions:

Let’s get started! Continue reading