Too much for the end of the world! :)

So, back in mid 2011, I stumbled upon a website that sells tickets to escape the earth as a safety measure regarding the foreseen end of the world (per the Mayan Calendar).

I found the idea of the website funny so I decided to chip in some money and get myself an intergalactic ticket! 🙂

One week after, I received the package. That gave me a sense of security, knowing that I will be saved in case of Armageddon! 🙂 Continue reading

Rental Car and the car damage waiver insurance plan

Recently, I started going on personal trips in various States and each time I had to rent a car.

Renting a car means that not only you pay a daily rental rate for the car but are also offered to buy an optional LDW (Loss/Damage/Collision Waiver insurance plan aka LDW / CDW).

The LDW costs from $9 to $30 dollars a day. That could be the same rate as the car rental itself, thus you are paying double the price to rent a car.

So the question is, what are your options to save money and should you?

There are two answers to this question and each with its cons and pros. Continue reading