Enable and use Bash under Windows 10


Starting from Windows 10 build 14316 you will be able to use Bash from Windows, with the Ubuntu flavor without running a VM.

Bash will run natively on the OS without virtualization. It is implemented as new Windows subsystem.

In this article I will show you all the required steps to get Bash up and running in Windows 10! Continue reading

Is online dating a big scam for men?

logo-Match-Tinder-OK-CupidToday, in this day and age of technological advancement, we are presented with tools that aim (sincerely one must say) at helping us in our endeavor in human interaction and forming new connections.

Social tools such as Facebook and online dating websites such as OkCupid, Match.com, eHarmony and the likes, all try to help us connect, form new connections, make friends (with or without benefits) and often times just hook up.
Other tools aim to take advantage of the technology to make it even faster to connect with people by simply letting you provide very little information about yourself (a bunch of pictures for example) and then they offer you a quick and brutal way to judge the profile of other participants and see if they are worthy of your attention (Tinder anyone!?).

Those technological social tools are nice concepts but have failed miserably at helping people connect properly with each other on all dimensions. Instead those tools only cover shallow dimensions of the human interactions without providing the full spectrum of such.

Electronic social interaction is like junk food, whereas face to face interaction is like wholesome and organic food.

This article will be based on my own experience as a male and on the sentiments of many men from various manosphere websites and blogs.

In this article, I will be addressing some aspects and realities that I have observed in this day and age regarding online dating. Continue reading

Be grateful for what you have!

Sometimes we do not see the blessings we have until we lose them. Remember to be grateful for what you have.

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