Windows 10 TP – a 2 minutes review


Windows 10 Technical Preview has been recently update and it got even better. In this review post, I will cover some new features in Windows 10 TP.

Start Menu

Yep, the Start button and the Start menu are back again. The Start menu is now a hybrid between Windows 7 start menu and Windows 8 tiles menu:

start-menu Continue reading

Jesus sells

These days religion has become a conduit used to sell products and attract people.

I can think of some recent cases where it was obvious that Jesus was a launching point to fame and riches: Continue reading

How to reveal saved passwords in Internet Explorer, Outlook, Firefox, Thunderbird, and more…

This is a quick blog post to tell you about a bunch of nice password recovery utilities for Windows. They are free and very useful. Please check out the following password recovery tools:


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Jonny Hahn: Pike Place Market’s piano man

Jonny Hahn, is know as Pike Place Market’s piano man according to this KING5 article.

I first met him three years ago when I first moved to Seattle. I bought many of his CDs. My favorites CDs are “Don’t Feed the Corporations” and “Thinking Without a Permit“, among others.

You can buy his CDs from CDBaby or Amazon.

How to solve the “Build the cube” puzzle

I received this wooden 3D cube as a gift. It was fun trying to solve it and finally assembling it. I wanted to capture the solution for those who might find it useful.

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