My take on the Pickup Artist community – Treating a lady right

treating a lady rightIf you are not familiar with the pickup artists community or the PUA in short then let me clue you in.

The PUA community’s sole focus is to teach men how to learn the game so they can charm women into their bedroom or land a girlfriend.

They have so many techniques ranging from cheesy pickup lines to negging, keeping frame, treating a woman badly to destroy her ego, and what not.

Becoming a pickup artist requires skill and practice. You have to become an alpha male: a male that women desire. Ironically, the MGTOW and PUA community refer to that archetypal guy as “Chad”.

Often times you have to fake it until you make it: pretend to be someone other than your true self. They argue that your actual personality may not be the right personality to get you the girlfriend of your dreams.

The endgame of those PUAs is to find women, date them or pump-and-dump them (using their parlance).

Like some of the shallow women who seek validation from men, those PUAs also seek validation from women. Their self-worth comes from the amount of girls they scored (or “bedded” as they say).

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When I was younger, I wanted to have a girlfriend like most “normal” people. At first, I was myself: a shy person with nothing to show for but my polite personality, skills at computers and my love for learning new stuff. I was into spirituality and metaphysics as well. I did not have experience with girls and it seems that this was a big problem: it is easier to have a girlfriend when you are in a relationship than when you are single. Other women see you more valuable if you have a girlfriend. If you are single, they think that you must have a problem. Tell me about it! What a weird dynamic: so twisted that I don’t want to rant about it.

Experience showed me that being natural and my true self is not enough. You are either lucky to find someone that likes you as you are, or you will feel inadequate and start searching for “tips and tricks” to help you attract girls.

As a young and a naive 22 old guy I was and because being myself was not working, I was ready to pretend and change my core values just to get a girlfriend. I learned some pickup artist tricks by reading “The Game” book and then watching various PUA related DVDs and training material. The more PUA material I read, the more it felt like I am studying for a degree or something. It all felt unnatural. Eventually, I gave up my interest in the game and PUA because it was too much efforts and it fell against my principles: being natural and authentic, which should lead to natural and mutual attraction.

I no longer cared to change my personality to fit what society and the media brainwashed women to think as an attractive and desirable male partner is. Following a protocol or a game in order to achieve something simple like meeting women never made sense to me.

Fast forward 14 years and having lived three seventh of my life, I learned a lot along the way. I now have more solid principles and core values when it comes to dating or interacting with human beings, especially the opposite sex. I am glad that I came to peace with myself and accepted myself for who I am even though I could not get a girlfriend over the years.

After I left Lebanon and moved to the West, I had so many opportunities to have one night stands with girls but it never felt right. Those girls were so much used to give sex so easily disregarding the emotional connection or feeling they have towards their ephemeral partners. The Western girls, at least the ones I ran into, fail to understand that there are still men that are not interested in sex just for the sake of getting pleasure. When I explain to those girls that I am looking for the full package: a wholesome relationship based on love and respect, they looked at me dazzled thinking that I am gay or something. It became evident to me that rejecting sexual advances from women (who you barely have a relationship with) is an insult to their egos and because they are hurt and insecure they reflect back these insecurities and call you names.

I remember many times after inviting a date to dinner, treating her with respect and showing interest in her character she dumps me because I did not offer to go to her place or to take her to mine. You can call me old fashioned, but nothing comes for free on earth and for every action there’s a reaction: what comes fast goes fast. I truly believe that a woman who sleeps around for fun, takes the pill (just to be ready all the time, etc.) will lose her ability to feel right, to commit and bond with a partner for life. At the end of the day why do we have this biological imperative that compels straight men and women to meet each other than that of making a family and contributing back to society? We are still animals after all, and like other mammals, we have this natural urge to procreate. The difference is that we cannot just toy with sex and other human beings because irresponsible pregnancies can lead to the demise of society: bastards, homeless, broken children, murderers, etc. Each relationship should be responsible.

The problem is not always about the women though, it is also about the horny men that think of nothing else but fucking around with no disregard. Everything is sexualized in these days and age. Just turn your TV on or go watch a blockbuster movie. Day and night most of the programming we receive is very degenerate. Now even if I go and search for a lady from the Middle East, from my own background, it is no different: it seems that bad norms are viral. I have friend from India who told me that the relationships dynamics between men and women are no longer the same in his country as well. Sexual liberation destroyed all the respect and holiness of a relationship.

In the end, I no longer believe there is such thing as “treating a lady right“. There is something as “treating others right“. A lady or a gentleman, it makes no difference: be a good citizen and human beings and you will attract those who share your values.

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The most important organ – an anecdote

I read this nice anecdote while waiting at my friend’s business the other day:

One day, the body got together and decided to have a board meeting.

Here’’s what went on behind closed doors.

There was intense discussion to determine who was the most important part of the body.

The BRAIN was the first to speak: without me, nothing would be accomplished.”

Then, the HEART spoke up: without me pumping blood to your brain, you could not function.”

The ARMS laughed. “You’’re both wrong: without me to put food in the mouth, nothing would work.”

The STOMACH said: “without me, your food would not digest.”

The LUNGS bellowed back: without me, you could’nt breathe.”

The EYES blinked: “without me, you could not see.”

The KIDNEYS snorted: without me, you could not detoxify and eliminate.”

Then, the COLON meekly spoke up: I am important. You need me to eliminate all of the garbage from your systems.”

Everyone laughed and made fun of him. “How can you be as important as we are? You’’re just a smelly old sewer.”

The poor colon, —his feelings were hurt! He turned away and thought: I’ll show them. He then shut down.

Then, he sat back and watched what would happen:

  • The BRAIN was stupefied.
  • The HEART’s beat was weak and irregular.
  • The ARMS were weak and couldn’t move.
  • The LUNGS— their breathing was shallow.
  • The EYES became clouded.
  • The KIDNEYS quit.

Then, the COLON looked around and decided it was time to call another meeting. It wasn’’t too lively this time, but everyone was in total agreement.


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Quotes for the 4th Sunday of March 2017

  • For people to like each other, one does not have to always be right — A Belgian proverb
  • It does not matter if you walk slowly, but it is important you are walking the right path
  • If you were stabbed in the back then know that you are in the front
  • Love is physics, marriage is chemistry
  • He who does not respect an appointment, does not respect himself
  • Truth hurts those who got used to illusions
  • Do not ever walk on the woven
    path because it leads you to where others have been — Graham Bell
  • Never say “God is in my heart”, instead say “I am in the heart of God” — Gibran Khalil Gibran
  • Eat less, you live longer
  • Early risers are high achievers
  • The week of the productive person is 7 days but the week of a lazy person is 7 tomorrows
  • Three things enter a house without permissions: debts, old age and death
  • Don’t say: “I will give”, instead just give
  • Good reputation is like an olive tree, it grows slowly but it lives long
  • Wherever a trust worthy person slept is home, but a traitor is a stranger even in his own country

Between two…

Between two you spend your life: day and night, tiredness and rest

Between two you oscillate in your life: between bodily lust and the lust of the soul

Two are enemies of health: deep sadness and mad love

Two are enemies of peace: greediness and envy

Two are the enemies of society: the traitor and the lazy

— Source: Incognito

Yes, women can be really hard to understand!

It is no secret that woman are hard to understand sometimes because they are affected by their hormones, mood swings, upbringing, the society and political correctness.

If you are, like many other men, confused and not sure what to make when you hear a woman complaining then here’s a short glossary of words and what they really mean:

  • Creepy: anything an unattractive man does (eye contact, conversation, smile, flirt etc.)
  • Loneliness: not being approached by a tall robust, good-looking stud. The rest doesn’t count
  • Celibacy: spending more than 5 days without sex
  • Personality: a tall, robust, good-looking stud. One of deceiving means women use for non handsome men
  • Dream: share the top 5% of elite men, the rest can fuck each other
  • Equality: being superior to men, special rights and privileges to women
  • Rejection: having less than 5 dating options and not being invited to events more often
  • Fear: looks fading and losing the competition to younger, hotter female rivals
  • Vagina: the most powerful multi-function tool a woman can use to get anything she wants because it makes her think she is entitled to get profiles with no responsibility
  • Men friend: an asexual slave creature who women gather for favors, entertainment and free stuff. Someone who a female feels no sexual attraction to
  • Woman: a perfect angel sent from heaven who is blameless, pure, delicate, gracious and free from any guilt and a victim of men
  • Government: a biased institution which pampers and cuddles to women. For example: female-friendly laws, “yes means yes“, equality, etc.

Now after you start to understand a woman and get closer from her, you should make sure you know what is the right way to say things in order to keep her happy:

Dangerous Safer Ultra Safe
What’s for dinner? Can I help you with dinner? Where would you like to go for dinner?
Are you wearing that? You sure look good in brown! WOW! Look at you!
What are you so worked out about? Could we be overreacting? Here’s my paycheck
Should you be eating that? You know, there are a lot of apples left Can I get you a piece of chocolate with that?
What did you do all day? I hope you didn’t overdo it today! I always loved you in that robe!

And before finishing up, let me add some infamous sayings about women:

  • A woman is like a bee, she feeds the man honey for a month just to punish him and sting him all his life
  • The devil is the teacher of man, but he is the disciple of the woman
  • The devil needs 10 hours to trick a man, but a woman needs no more than one hour to trick ten devils
  • The best weapon for a man against a woman is another woman
  • A woman is not bothered if she owns less than others until she discovers another woman owning more than her
  • The tears of a woman are but a ruse to attack and control the man
  • The more freedom a woman acquires the shorter her skirt becomes
  • There’s one reason for a man to make a purchase, but for a woman she has one of many:
    • Because her husband told her: “Do not buy it”
    • Because the product makes her feel slimmer
    • Because it is fancy and made in Paris
    • Because her neighbor cannot buy the same item
    • Because no other woman she knows has this item
    • Because all other women have the item
    • Because the item makes her look unique
    • Because…
  • “Epicurus, how often should one man have sex with a woman?”, Epicurus answered: “Whenever he wants to be weaker than himself”

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