Too much for the end of the world! :)

So, back in mid 2011, I stumbled upon a website that sells tickets to escape the earth as a safety measure regarding the foreseen end of the world (per the Mayan Calendar).

I found the idea of the website funny so I decided to chip in some money and get myself an intergalactic ticket! 🙂

One week after, I received the package. That gave me a sense of security, knowing that I will be saved in case of Armageddon! 🙂

The package contents

First, you receive the welcome letter:


Followed by the letter, you receive your ID:


And finally the first class intergalactic ticket! 🙂


Year 2013 came and the end of the world did not happen! 🙂

Too bad, I cannot refund my ticket! 😛

See you when the next end of the world hype takes place.

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