Jesus sells

These days religion has become a conduit used to sell products and attract people.

I can think of some recent cases where it was obvious that Jesus was a launching point to fame and riches:

  • The Boy Who Came back from Heaven – by Alex Malarkey
    • This book sold a lot but this year, the author tells that this whole thing was made up! Check this article here.
  • Akiane Kramarik – a proclaimed child prodigy
    • This little girl, now an adult, has a curious story behind her. It is a topic for another future blog post.
    • Her paintings, she claims are inspired by God and that it was God (and not her mother) taught her how to draw.
    • Claiming things and attributing stories to God and Jesus are an essential ingredient for attracting gullible Christians.
    • The paintings have a new age bend to them and have nothing to do with the Bible that most of her Christian clients read. In fact, her paintings seem to be influenced by the Urantia Book.
    • Many doubt her story and think it is a scam #1 #2 #3
  • Heaven is For Real – By Todd Burpo
    • The kid, Colton, in this book, recounts that he saw the same Jesus as drawn by Akiane. Of course, one can capitalize on top of the “well established credibility” of others.

To the gullible Christians who believe anything and any claim, I ask you:

What is the practical thing that you received by believing those people and reading those stories?

What messages did they bring from the after life and after they claim they met Jesus and spoke to him?

Think deep and know that you are as special as anyone else, don’t become a follower.

I close by this saying as it translates from Arabic:

When the snow melts, the green grass will show”

…and this fun article from the Onion news

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