Thought and Body relationship


I have always read that most diseases are of psychosomatic origins. That is the disease starts in the mind and manifests in the body.

In Reiki and other energy healing systems they teach that for example:
– those who have difficulity breathing are those who have a problem in giving and taking from others (See that the lungs give and take)
– those who have stiff neck are those who are not flexible mentally and stubborn
– those who have constipation are those who are unable to let go of things
– those who have pain in their legs are those who are unable to take certain steps in their lives
and the list can go on and on…

Some of the stuff I experienced in my early life was the inability to let go, pain in the legs, …and those manifested in the body. No doctor could really cure me by giving me pain killers, only when I realized the nature of this thought-body relation that my problems went away.

For example, the next time you feel jealous, angry or thinking negative notice how you tense up and how you feel in your stomach. To help you feel better, try to have an empty stomach and drink some lemonade. After that try to think negative or try to repress yourself. See how you burn in your stomach!

Be easy on your body by observing your ongoing moment to moment thoughts.


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