PHP5 on Vista 64 and IIS7


The other day I wanted to install PHP the Vista 64 with IIS7, however IIS7 is totally changed and couldn’t get PHP to work without doing some research on how to use IIS7 and add PHP handlers to it.

At first, I found “How to install PHP on IIS7 (RC1) – BillS’ IIS Blog” excellent article describing how to get started.

However, after following the exact steps, PHP still failed to load, saying:
After some research it turned out to be that the ISAPI modules are for x86 (32bits) and this is why they are not being loaded.
For this reason you have to do these additional steps:

  1. Open IIS Manager and expand the root node
  2. Click on the “Applications Pool” node
  3. Notice you have “DefaultAppPool” and one more  entry in the list
  4. Now to the right, select “Advanced Settings”
  5. In the “Advanced Settings” dialog, select “General: -> “Enable 32-bit Applications” and set to True (screenshot)

Now everything should be working.

While you’re here trying to fix your PHP / IIS7 installation, you might want to take a look at FastCGI a collaborative work between Microsoft and Zend.

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