The white pigeon

I was sitting the other day, next to work, exposing myself to the sun, after spending most of the time in the office, then
I happened to look around and the first thing that came to my sight was a small white pigeon.

I was not in the mood that day, and I reacted saying: “what a stupid creature it is…”

After saying that, I felt guilty as if I did something terribly wrong, but all of the sudden I felt as if something has awakened inside of me. It was a gentle voice telling me to stop these negative thoughts.
At that moment, more sadness filled my heart, making me realize that I was not fair with that pigeon. And with a sudden movement, as if the
pigeon felt that I was sorry, it flew away accepting my sorrows, only to lead my eyes to another saddening sight: a blind beggar waiting for a kind person who would give him some food or money.

At that moment, I recognized what was that voice inside of me, it was something higher than my usual self, it was my higher-self telling me to appreciate what I have.

Words could not describe the inspiration and gratidue I felt the towards my Creator, thank you for:

– All the good things I have, for I could have been a beggar on the streets
– For the work I have, for I could be a bummer without a living
– For the diseases I have, for they teach me to stay on earth and be more humble
– For the good friends I have, for they are something precious
– For the bad friends I have, for they teach me how to improve
– For the problems and difficulties, for they makes me a better person
– For the health I have, for I could spend mydays in hospitals
– For my parents who raised me, for I could have been lost without their guidance
– and finally, for that little white pigeon who was a messenger and source of inspiration.

Good Day,

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