What if?

What If

Today I was in a bad mood and just for one time I decided to embrace that feeling and not escape from it.

I realize that this bad mood springs from inner thoughts, inner expectations, inner fears, waiting for things, hoping, dreaming and fearing of the future.

I came to ask myself:

– What those who love me stop loving me for a reason?
– What if all what I got is lost and I am with nothing?
– What if what you’re waiting and counting the days for will never happen?
– What if you wake up one day and you are bankrupt?
– What if you lose your beloved ones?
– What if you become homeless and have to beg and sleep on the streets?
– What if you are doomed to stay alone for the rest of your life?
– What if the world is against you and you feel guilty and yet you will never get your justice?

Can you for a moment take each question, sending it deep to yourself and wait for a response?

What do you feel?

Is it fear? Is it sadness? What is your soul trying to tell you in response to all those questions?

For just one moment, don’t try to analyze, explain or make sense, instead just observe and be a good listener and see what your soul wants.

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