A sense of gratitude

It is said that one can never appreciate the gifts that God gave to him unless one loses them.
It is also said that one should look into other’s miseries and see how much God has been grateful to him in comparison to others.

In that respect, one find himself many times plunged into pleasure seeking (in all sorts) on the expenses of the other(s), doing the impossible to get what one wants and never considering the other(s).

It is our selfishness that drives us to misery,
by wanting more than by giving,
by desiring more than sacrificing,
by greediness more than generosity,
by taking care of ourselves more than look out for the others,

Sometimes you realize…Sometimes you get awakened and you see yourself how much you want, you need, you you you you, and at that moment you remember that it is not all about YOU. It is at that moment that one should stop and change his heart. It is at that moment that one should feel a sense of gratitude towards his creator who put him in situations that helps him realize.

May the moments of realization be many in your lifes, and may you be accompanied by the light, wisdom and acceptance of others, dear Reader.

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