Beautiful Skin

It has been a long time I didn’t write my thoughts, however this “Beautiful Skin” thought always comes to my mind, and this time it conspired with my fingers, eyes and mind and managed to get me write it.
Oh, who’s “me” if not the mind, eyes, fingers, legs…. ? 😛

Beautiful skin?

You see a person and you get attracted to that person. Have you ever considered yourself being only attrated to hir (Leary’s gender-unspecific term) skin?

How funny it is when our genes, which work on the subtlest level, fire up chemicals of admiration when they spot a healthy match. To add to what evolutionists say, we don’t get attracted to “ugly” people because we perceive them as unhealthy and carry unfit genes.

I come to look at it differently, when my system spots a match, a moral/humanistic versus genes/instinct argument arises:
Genes: That person’s ugly, keep away from me
Moral: Why judge by the appearance? What do I know beyond the skin of that person?

In these days, which controls which? The genes control the moral, or the moral controls the genes? Or there’s a mechanism in between balancing the two and what is it?

Those who have public speaking phobias are advised to envision the audience naked (in fact, that’s what an instructor once told us in a public speaking course), thus they gain relative confidence by mentally lowering the audience’s. Similarliy, when the “Beautiful Skin” argument arrises, always remember that beneath this beautiful skin lies a mass of raw flesh and a thick skeleton.

Let your instinct cool down and be open to more than “skinny” opportunities.

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