It works mostly.However, sometimes I remember dreams and discard them and not give them some attention, and guess what happens?

I start not to recall my dreams and have the impression that I did not dream. It can happen for weeks that no more dreams for me! 🙂

Dreams offer insight into your subconscious mind, help you resolve conscious matters and things that bother you. Dreams also allow to see your loved ones, dead or alive, sometimes dreams can remind you of old friends.

I remember also recurrent dreams that kept on telling me about unresolved issues with friends and these dreams will keep on repeating until I recontact the person and re conciliate him/her.

Also dreams can make your dreams come true in the dream and experience what you don’t have. This have an effect of giving you more hope and patience to actually work harder towards your goal or to ease your waiting time. And paradoxically, dreams can change your mind as well regarding certain things, for the best of course.

And finally dreams can heal you emotionally, especially if you receive or send love in your dream.

Some tips to reengaging/re remembering your dreams:

– Be serious about them: there are no silly or interesting dreams. Remember they are part of you. Try to see what your being is telling you
– Try to record dreams, either a journal next to your bed or a sound recorder. I use the latter, it is more practical
– Before you go to sleep, tell yourself what you want to dream, or if you have nothing specific, just tell yourself that you want an insightful dream and you will be grateful if you just have any dream
– If possible try to act according to your dream: whether it told you to make peace with someone, apologize or contact someone.

And now, what do you think of dreams?

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  1. Hello,

    Really Big problem you are touching here, I should admit. When I was thinking of dreams in (more or less) the same direction as you are, it lead me to the questions which I still can’t answer to my self: why the dream “looks” so real ? What is real if I can’t distinguish while dreaming ? How to know if I am dreaming or not ? Why something from my dreams comes to (let’s call it so) reality/awakeness and something does not ? Why some symbols in dreams have certain meaning to me and the others – not ? And much more…

    If you keep observing your self from the dreaming perspective – share your observations (if you feel comfortable with it) – will be interesting to know/discuss.


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