– Freelance mode has always been my favorite online bookstore, nonetheless shipment cost was always a big problem for me since all my orders are delivered by international shipment.

What would be nice to see is a new mode in called “Freelance mode” in that mode you can buy single items or more and ship them almost anywhere in the world **for free**.

By slightly and intelligently increasing the price of each item when in “Freelance mode”, would be able to cover the shipment cost of the items. can also improve its shopping cart system and lessen pages reloads when one deletes an item or moves an item to the shopping list.

And if “Freelance mode” is ever implemented, a nice feature would be to add an option so that Amazon store, intelligently, sends you the next book (you queued in your shopping list) on time just before you finish reading the current book (it does that by teaching it how fast you read, and how much time the books usually take to arrive to your destination).

Of course, in the advancement of electronic books it is useless to introduce such modes.

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